The Rural Magazine and Literary Evening Fire-Side Vol 1 No 1

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This is the first issue of a monthly agricultural magazine for the year 1820. From the introduction: "A leading object of the Rural Magazine will be to furnish correct views of the science of Agriculture, and the various improvements which are daily made or suggested in it. For this purpose the best and most recent European works on the subject will be consulted, and selections made from the American newspapers that are devoted or friendly to the cause. The best information on the subject will thus be condensed in a form less unwieldy than a newspaper, and more popular than in scientific books. We also expect original papers from our agricultural friends, being confident that there is much in the farming of our neighbouring counties, well worthy of being widely known and imitated." - Summary by Magazine Editors (2 hr 39 min)


Introduction 5:46 Read by Larry Wilson
To the Editors 7:57 Read by JD Gibson
Letters of a Citizen to his Friends in the Country No. 1 6:03 Read by Ezekiel
Extension of Slavery 18:20 Read by Lynette Caulkins
Familiar Letters: From an Englishman in this Country to His Friend at Home 7:30 Read by Chris Pyle
Treatise on Agriculture.Section 1.On the Rise and Progress of Agriculture. 6:20 Read by Colleen McMahon
The Moral Plough Boy 6:20 Read by Larry Wilson
Mr. Nicholson's Prize Essay 26:21 Read by Kathleen Moore
Cotton, Rice, Tobacco, Sugar, Wine 7:22 Read by Kathleen Moore
Notes and Remarks - By the Editor of the Register 9:09 Read by andybeddy
Vine Dressing near Vevay/Political Economics 7:13 Read by KevinS
From Humboldt's Personal Narrative . 9:01 Read by BettyB
Singular effect of Peruvian Bark/Oil of Pumpkin Seed 4:57 Read by KevinS
Disease among Horses - The Arabian Horse 6:56 Read by Colleen McMahon
James Watt 16:30 Read by andybeddy
Light without Heat or Combustion/Whale Fisheries 4:57 Read by BettyB
Fire-Places 8:21 Read by Larry Wilson