Short Story Collection Vol. 086

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(3.8 stars; 9 reviews)

A diverse collection of short stories selected and read in English by Librivox readers. Old favorites, such as Oscar Wilde, Lord Dunsany, Stephen Leacock and others are joined by less familiar writers to bring you tales of lessons to be learned, poignant romance, the quirky and the amusing. So sit back and enjoy the 86th Librivox Short Story Collection! (5 hr 1 min)


Actress by Oscar Wilde 6:52 Read by Rob Marland
The Apple-Tree Table by Herman Melville 1:01:41 Read by DanGN
The Blue-Stocking by Epes Sargent 21:26 Read by Kelly S. Taylor
The Conjuror’s Revenge by Stephen Leacock 5:38 Read by Dale Grothmann
The Fish by Anton Chekhov 12:34 Read by Phil Schempf
The Great Plague by Charlotte Maria Tucker 12:04 Read by ChadH94
The Hoard Of The Gibbelins By Lord Dunsany 11:57 Read by Dale Grothmann
Jacob Jones; or The Man Who Couldn't Get Along in the World by T.S. Arthur 27:06 Read by Lynne T
Jezebel by Oscar Wilde 8:58 Read by Rob Marland
The Kiss by Kate Chopin 7:03 Read by ChadH94
Laura by Saki 14:13 Read by MichaelMaggs
The Lumber Room by Saki 18:54 Read by MichaelMaggs
The Neophyte by James Warner Bellah 6:40 Read by KevinS
An Old Game by Henry Van Dyke 4:44 Read by ChadH94
Poet by Oscar Wilde 2:49 Read by Rob Marland
A Reflection by Kate Chopin 2:16 Read by ChadH94
A Pair of Silk Stockings by Kate Chopin 14:01 Read by Grace Buchanan
Simon of Cyrene by Oscar Wilde 3:02 Read by Rob Marland
Advantages of Being Slandered by Epes Sargent 17:25 Read by Kelly S. Taylor
Where Was Wych Street? by Stacy Aumonier 41:44 Read by Peter Thomlinson (1940-2022)