Ingersoll on THE GREAT INFIDELS, from the Works of Robert G. Ingersoll, Volume …

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Col. Ingersoll begins his lectures on famous people as follows: "It is hard to overstate the debt we owe to the men and women of genius. Take from our world what they have given, and all the niches would be empty, all the walls naked—meaning and connection would fall from words of poetry and fiction, music would go back to common air, and all the forms of subtle and enchanting Art would lose proportion and become the unmeaning waste and shattered spoil of thoughtless Chance." One of the most famous orators of his day, a contemporary and personal friend of Mark Twain and General Grant, Ingersoll's lectures on famous people in this series include: SHAKESPEARE, ROBERT BURNS, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, VOLTAIRE, WALT WHITMAN; followed by an inspiring talk on THE GREAT INFIDELS; WHICH WAY? (science or superstition); and ABOUT THE HOLY BIBLE.
Each lecture in Volume 3, plus 2 lectures on HUMBOLDT and THOMAS PAINE from Volume 1 (of the 12 volume Dresden Edition), will be presented on Librivox as a separate audiobook in the series called Ingersoll Lectures, Famous People. ( Michele Fry) (2 hr 18 min)


I. Introduction 5:08 Read by Michele Fry
II. The Origin of God and Heaven, Of The Devil and Hell 15:01 Read by Brian Levine
III. The Appeal to the Cemetery 13:32 Read by Rita Boutros
IV. Sacred Books 6:55 Read by Rita Boutros
V. Fear 11:21 Read by Rita Boutros
VI. The Death Test 3:56 Read by Rita Boutros
VII. Julian 7:12 Read by Rita Boutros
VIII. Bruno 8:36 Read by Rita Boutros
IX. The Church in the Time of Voltaire 6:29 Read by Florence
X. Voltaire 8:54 Read by Florence
XI. Diderot, "Doubt is the First Step Toward Truth" 7:22 Read by William Allan Jones
XII. David Hume 16:02 Read by William Allan Jones
XIII. Benedict Spinosa 5:43 Read by Brian Levine
XIV. Our Infidels (Paine, Franklin, Jefferson) 4:57 Read by Rita Boutros
XV. Thomas Paine 13:32 Read by Brian Levine
XVI. Conclusion 3:34 Read by Rita Boutros


Ingersoll rocks!

(5 stars)

The readers did a great job portraying these ideas. I wish Christianity had become kinder and gentler since the fire and brimstone of the 1890’s, but it hasn’t. Social media comments show Christians are as rabid as ever, wishing death and destruction on non believers.