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An engaging collection of essays about artists, composers, writers, and, of course, unicorns. - Summary by Stav Nisser (10 hr 5 min)


In Praise of Unicorns 6:32 Read by Owlivia
An American Composer: The Passing of Edward MacDowell 20:35 Read by Jim Locke
Remy de Gourmont: His Ideas. The Colour of His Mind 24:08 Read by Owlivia
Artzibashef 45:12 Read by Mark Chulsky
A Note on Henry James 30:56 Read by StJohn
George Sand 34:55 Read by Jazzgirl
The Great American Novel 20:55 Read by VoiceofLandis
The Case of Paul C├ęzanne 15:39 Read by Matea Bracic
Brahmsody 9:11 Read by Alan Mapstone
The Opinions of J.-K. Huysmans 15:23 Read by Owlivia
Style and Rhythm in English Prose 28:43 Read by ToddHW
The Queerest Yarn in the World 19:42 Read by Jim Locke
On Rereading Mallock 13:59 Read by Owlivia
The Lost Master 14:24 Read by Owlivia
The Grand Manner in Pianoforte Playing 25:24 Read by g3s0ff
James Joyce 12:32 Read by weezer
Creative Involution 13:31 Read by bookwarm
Four Dimensional Vistas 13:34 Read by Owlivia
O. W. 13:26 Read by Louise J. Belle
A Synthesis of the Seven Arts 15:48 Read by Matea Bracic
The Classic Chopin 22:36 Read by Jim Locke
Little Mirrors of Sincerity 31:13 Read by Owlivia
The Reformation of George Moore 22:41 Read by Owlivia
Pillowland 8:44 Read by Owlivia
Cross-Currents in Modern French Literature 25:52 Read by Dyla
More About Richard Wagner 24:12 Read by weezer
My First Musical Adventure 10:32 Read by Jim Locke
Violinists Now and Yesteryear 28:39 Read by pianoroll262
Riding the Whirlwind 19:59 Read by Owlivia
Prayers for the Living 16:06 Read by Jim Locke