The Enchiridion

Read by John Pederson

(4.8 stars; 96 reviews)

The Enchiridion (also translated as “Handbook” or “Manual”) of Epictetus is a short collection of Stoic precepts compiled by Arrian, a student of Epictetus. Epictetus (c. 50 – 135 AD) was a Greek philosopher and a champion of Stoicism, a philosophy dedicated to tranquility of the mind and soul via practical, actionable advice. Popular in the ancient and medieval world, it has even found favor in the contemporary military; fighter pilot James Stockdale attributed his survival of over seven years as a prisoner of war to the way of thinking contained in this short work. (summary written by John Pederson) (0 hr 47 min)


Chapters 1-10 8:20 Read by John Pederson
Chapters 11-20 6:55 Read by John Pederson
Chapters 21-30 10:48 Read by John Pederson
Chapters 31-40 10:48 Read by John Pederson
Chapters 41-53 10:15 Read by John Pederson


(4.5 stars)

Timeless classic replete with wisdom of the ages echoed by so many others. Nice narration.

Compact Stoicism

(4 stars)

Straightforward bits to digest and ponder. Thanks to the reader.

Thanks for the readings

(5 stars)

Great contents and pleasant readings.

(5 stars)

Number eight sums it up. Worth memorizing.