The Romance of the Romanoffs

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(4.5 stars; 5 reviews)

The eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth centuries were periods of stark contrast between the opulent lifestyle of the rich and the extreme poverty of the peasants throughout the world. In addition, Russia straddled eastern and western cultures, not fitting neatly into either. The church was an important force, and those adhering to traditional eastern religions were peaceful and accustomed to 'doing as they were told'; followers of western thought were more eager for a democratic society. Add an autocratic czar and the conditions were ripe for revolution, corruption and murder. This history traces the stories of the weak Michael, the great Peter and Catherine to Nicholas II, the last of the Romanoffs. - Summary by Lynne Thompson (10 hr 22 min)


Preface 7:22 Read by Lynette Caulkins
The Primitive Democracy of the Slav 22:46 Read by Maria Morabe
The Descent to Autocracy 34:50 Read by Rita Boutros
The Moscovites Become Tsars 39:39 Read by Availle
The Rise of the Romanoffs 35:57 Read by Rita Boutros
The Early Romanoffs 31:46 Read by Rita Boutros
A Romanoff Princess 15:33 Read by Pamastasia
A Romanoff Princess Continued 18:15 Read by Pamastasia
The Great Peter 23:44 Read by Shreya Sethi
The Great Peter Continued 18:41 Read by Shreya Sethi
The Great Peter Conclusion 15:18 Read by Shreya Sethi
Catherine the Little 29:25 Read by Sandra Cullum
Romance Upon Romance 45:03 Read by Rita Boutros
The Gay and Pious Elizabeth 37:34 Read by Rita Boutros
Catherine the Great 52:35 Read by Kathleen Moore
In the Days of Napoleon 42:25 Read by Kathleen Moore
The Fight Against Liberalism 28:02 Read by jenspunk
The Tragedy of Alexander II 45:27 Read by AJBinney
Enter Pobiedonostseff 29:49 Read by issamel
The Last of the Romanoffs 48:40 Read by Availle


a well formatted history of the Romanoffs

(4.5 stars)

A great lesson for all to learn that deceived man’s desire to rule others and ignore sufferings and keep the population in National ignorance will destroy a nation and keep it week and in darkness.

(4 stars)

Interesting history of the Russians and ending with the Romanovs; blood thirsty and cruel! Thank you readers.


(5 stars)

a much more bouncy and intricate book than appears on first glance

Good Early-20th Century History of Russia's Romanoff Dynasty

(4 stars)

Well read

(5 stars)

I enjoyed this book.