The Living Animals of the World, Volume 2

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

The Living Animals of the Natural world, subtitled "a popular Natural History", proposed to present the most updated version of the wonders of the Animal World in a new and clearer form. It used photography instead of the traditional illustrations of the life of beasts, birds, fishes, insects, corals, and the subjects photographed were obtained from every part of the world, many of them from the most distant islands of the Southern Ocean, the great barrier reef of Australia, the New Zealand hills, the Indian jungle, the South African veldt, and the rivers of British Columbia. But not only the illustrations were important, since the attention given to the descriptive portion of the work was also meticulous, and the Editor had the assistance of specialists, eminent alike in the world of science and practical discovery. The result is a very thorough picture of human knowledge of the animal world at the time of publication, in 1902. - Summary by Leni (16 hr 30 min)


The Ostrich and its Kindred 29:30 Read by MysticHaze
The Game-Birds and Rails 35:38 Read by DavyDave
Pidgeons and Sand-Grouse 7:57 Read by Phil Schempf
Auks, Gulls, and Plovers 19:23 Read by drempels
Bustards and Cranes 7:58 Read by Phil Schempf
Grebes and Divers, Penguins and Tube-Nosed Birds 14:26 Read by Andrew Gaunce
Storks, Herons and Pelican Tribe, part 1 24:48 Read by DavyDave
Storks, Herons and Pelican Tribe, part 2 18:23 Read by DavyDave
Screamers, Ducks, Geese and Swans 19:13 Read by tommack
Birds of Prey and Owls 42:13 Read by Availle
Night-Jars, Swifts, and Humming-Birds 15:28 Read by Availle
Parrots, Cuckoos, and Plantain-Eaters 27:05 Read by DavyDave
Rollers, Kingfishers, Hornbills, and Hoopoes 22:24 Read by michaelnelson14356
Bee-Eaters, Motmots, Todies, Colies, and Trogons 7:10 Read by Tatiana Chichilla
Toucans, Honey-Guides, Jacamars and Puff-Birds, Barbets and Woodpeckers 14:14 Read by DavyDave
The Perching Birds 39:04 Read by Josh Broussard
Larks, Titmice, Honey-Eaters, and Their Kindred 17:38 Read by MysticHaze
Shrikes, Thrushes and Their Allies, Swallows, Lyre-Birds, Chatterers, Broad-Bil… 30:07 Read by MysticHaze
Crocodiles and Alligators 15:46 Read by Availle
Tortoises and Turtles 35:40 Read by Availle
Lizards, part 1 22:29 Read by Leni
Lizards, part 2 25:40 Read by DavyDave
Chamaeleons and Tuatera 8:23 Read by Valentina Vocelli
Snakes 39:47 Read by Availle
Frogs and Toads 23:22 Read by DavyDave
Newts and Salamanders 8:59 Read by Valentina Vocelli
Lung-Fishes and Chimaeras 5:46 Read by Valentina Vocelli
The Perch Family 4:10 Read by Valentina Vocelli
Scaly-Fins, Red Mullets, Sea-Breams, Scorpion-Fishes, Slime-Heads, Tassel-Fish,… 14:01 Read by jr6524
Hair-Tails, Horse-Mackerels, Sea-Bats, Dories, Mackerels, Sucking-Fishes, Weave… 18:25 Read by DavyDave
Lump-Suckers, Gobies, Blennies, Barracudas, Grey Mullets, Sticklebacks And Thei… 10:03 Read by Andrew Gaunce
The Wrasse-Like Fishes 7:21 Read by Andrew Gaunce
Pipe-Fishes, Sea-Horses, Globe-Fishes, Sun-Fishes, and Their Allies 10:22 Read by jr6524
The Cod Family 7:00 Read by Madelyn Pauline
Cave-Fishes, Sand-Eels And Their Allies, and Flat-Fishes 7:55 Read by April6090
Eels and Cat-Fishes 7:50 Read by Andrew Gaunce
The Carp Family 6:18 Read by Sarocha T
Pikes, Arapaimas, Beaked Salmon, and Scopelids 7:55 Read by DavyDave
The Salmon Family 11:58 Read by tommack
The Herring and Its Kindred 11:00 Read by DavyDave
Bony Pike, Bow-Fin, Sturgeon, Reed-Fish, and Bichir 7:59 Read by John
Sharks and Rays 15:30 Read by Louise J. Belle
The Crab and Scorpion Groups 23:44 Read by jr6524
Insects, part 1: Sheath-Winged Insects, or Beetles; 25:44 Read by Florence
Insects, part 2: Straight-Winged Insects, or Earwigs, Cockroaches, Soothsayers,… 32:36 Read by DavyDave
Insects, part 3: Stinging Four-Winged Insects, or Ants, Bees and Wasps, and The… 21:27 Read by DavyDave
Insects, part 4: Scale-Winged Insects, or Butterflies and Moths 32:44 Read by Availle
Insects, part 5: Half-Winged Insects, or Bugs and Frog-Hoppers 13:19
Insects, part 6: Two-Winged Insects, or Flies 26:07 Read by ToriBee
Shell-Fish, or Molluscs 26:25 Read by tommack
Lamp-Shells 3:52 Read by Larry Wilson
Star-Fishes, Sea-Urchins, etc. 19:19 Read by Devorah Allen
Moss Animals 3:10 Read by Devorah Allen
Worms 8:20 Read by Devorah Allen
Corals, Sea-Anemones, and Jelly-Fishes 12:29 Read by Devorah Allen
Sponges and Animalcules 15:07 Read by Larry Wilson