The Book of Judith

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The Book of Judith is included in the Septuagint (the Greek form of the Old Testament) and has been retained in Catholic and Orthodox Christian Bibles, but was eventually excluded from the Hebrew canon and assigned by Protestants to their apocrypha. The story relates how a Jewish widow, Judith, uses her beauty and charm to destroy an Assyrian general sent by the great Nabuchodonosor (425–338 BC) to lay waste to the Israelites. The name Judith is the feminine form of Judah. - Summary modified from wikipedia (1 hr 3 min)


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(5 stars)

This is a book about revenge, deception, seduction, betrayal, femme fatale, murder, justification, absence of remorse, war, triumph, and power. All of this in a well written, fascinating and relatively short story. This story would fit inconspicuously among other books of the Old Testament. Why some denominations include it in their canon and others do not if for the experts to determine. All I know is that I am glad I stumbled upon it and had the opportunity and pleasure of reading it. I highly recommend it.