Understanding the Buddhist Path

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Understanding the Buddhist Path A series of talks on the Buddhism Spring 2007 Join a series of western teachers giving their perspective on such topics as the mind, the spiritual teacher, meditation, suffering, impermanence, loving kindness and compassion and the wisdom of emptiness. Not to be missed.



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I commend the uploaders of these files for helping uphold the Dharma. It is indeed true that volition is what determines whether the karma is good or bad. For instance, if one is generous but gives with arrogance, greed (i.e. desires karmic rewards or enhanced reputation) or delusion, then his merits will not be very great and his future rebirths (even if he gains some benefits from his dana) will still be sullied by his unwholesome intentions Also, there are highly effective ways to change ones pending karmas for the better, for instance, according to the Shurangama Sutra: "....There might be another person who had personally committed the Four Major Offenses and the Ten Parajikas so that, in an instant, he would have to pass through the Avichi Hells in this world and other worlds, until he had passed through all the Relentless Hells in the ten directions without exception. And yet, if he could explain this Dharma-door for even just the space of a thought to those in the Dharma-ending Age who have not yet studied it, his obstacles from offenses would be eradicated in response to that thought, and all the hells where he was to undergo suffering would become lands of peace and bliss. The blessings he would obtain would surpass those of the person previously mentioned by hundreds of thousands of millions of billions of times, indeed by so many times that no calculations or analogies could express it. Ananda, if living beings are able to recite this Sutra and uphold this mantra, I could not describe in endless kalpas how great the advantages will be. Rely on the teaching I have spoken. Cultivate in accord with it, and you will directly realize Bodhi without encountering demonic karma." Namo Amituofo. Here are some Recommended Resources: Ven Hsuan Hua's Full (8 Volume) Commentary on the Shurangama Sutra: https://archive.org/details/TheSurangamaSutraWithCommentary 若要佛法兴 唯有僧赞僧 / 若要佛法興唯有僧贊僧 2013增订版: https://archive.org/details/infinite_life_sutra 網絡寺院: 華嚴念佛三昧論-黃念祖居士 (Upasaka Huang Nien Tsu): https://archive.org/details/huayannianfo 網絡寺院: 黃念祖居士 (Upasaka Huang Nien Tsu)十念必生: https://archive.org/details/pureland 佛說大乘無量壽莊嚴清淨平等覺經 (Includes Pinyin): https://archive.org/details/CH020804 淨空法師六祖壇經講義(曹溪原本) Platform Sutra lectures Audio, Ven Master Chin Kung: https://archive.org/details/platform Filial Piety Sutra: https://archive.org/details/filialpiety_201407 Shurangama Mantra with Chinese and Pinyin: https://archive.org/details/surangamapinyin The Meritorious Precious Mountain Mantra: https://archive.org/details/meritmantra 楞嚴經: https://archive.org/details/surangama Wisdom of the Sages: Why One Must Cut Off Lustful Misconduct Ebook: https://archive.org/details/WisdomOfTheSages1