A Study of British Genius

Read by Leon Harvey

(4 stars; 1 reviews)

The psychological and anthropological character of genius in the British Isles was investigated by Ellis. Citing and collating an extensive source of information from the Dictionary of National Biography, many pieces of informational are discussed, including the ancestral heritage, geographical distribution, professions, and health and morbidity of the most the most preeminent men and women of the time. This work also promotes his theory that large cities are not only counterproductive to the development of high achievers, but detrimental to national health. (Summary by Leon Harvey) (4 hr 56 min)


Another winner from H Ellis.

(4 stars)

The author was an extraordinary intellectual who took on a very wide range of subjects, though he's best remembered as a pioneer in the study of human sexuality. The present book is dry at times with an excess of statistics, but nevertheless very interesting overall. The reader deserves credit for taking on several such obscure works as this one, but tends to mumble. 😕