The Camp Fire Girls Across the Seas

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In this next volume of the Camp Fire Girls' Series, several years have intervened between it and the previous book and the girls are introduced under very different influences and circumstances. Just how many of them have crossed the seas and for what purposes, and how the old Camp Fire influence still follows them, it is the plan of this story to reveal. (4 hr 14 min)


Two Years Later 15:14 Read by Nancy Gorgen
The Wheel Revolves 15:05 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Farewells 12:56 Read by Hafsa
Unter Den Linden 8:13 Read by Hafsa
Changes 9:21 Read by Hafsa
A Cosmopolitan Company 9:36 Read by Allyson
Das Rheingold 4:04 Read by Allyson
Other Scenes 14:00 Read by Nancy Gorgen
The Meeting 8:57 Read by Nancy Gorgen
An Adventure 8:59 Read by ktslinger
And Its Consequences 14:06 Read by ktslinger
The Uncertain Future 14:23 Read by ktslinger
Richard Ashton 13:40 Read by ktslinger
Betty's Strange Disappearance 11:07 Read by Joy Dunne
The Finding of Brunhilde 14:28 Read by Joy Dunne
A Heart-to-Heart Talk 11:21 Read by MFQ1
The Day Before Esther's Debut 13:11 Read by Nancy Gorgen
That Night 16:11 Read by Stunning
Tea at the Castle 18:10 Read by Stunning
Esther and Dick 9:37 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Sunrise Cabin 12:10 Read by Nancy Gorgen