The Dark Flower

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Galsworthy's classic The Dark Flower is a study of love. Spring is the beginning when all is new and full of hope. However, the woman Lennan has fallen for is out of reach, a forbidden love. Can he overcome the challenges? As he matures, he discovers two different loves: the first is platonic, comfortable, and one that can last a lifetime. The other is crazy, passionate, and dangerous. As he matures, he settles into a somewhat boring and safe marriage, but then excitement and danger re-emerge in the form of a young mistress. The denouement comes as he makes the choice between the tried and tested and the novel and exciting but forbidden. As he reaches his decision, he watches the delicate carnation disintegrate in the fire.
- Summary by Lynne Thompson (9 hr 7 min)


Part 1 Spring Section I 4:27 Read by Betsy Walker
II 5:19 Read by Betsy Walker
III 11:40 Read by Betsy Walker
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(1 stars)

I hate it when a book make me feel stupid. I could make neither heads nor tales of this story. What was I missing? I made it through the first uninteresting vignette about a winter-spring obsession but gave in the 2nd vignette. Incomprehensible and boring. However, readers were all terrific