A Short History of Germany

Read by VioletBleu

(4.7 stars; 8 reviews)

Mary Platt Parmele brings to life the history of Germany and its rise to prominence in Europe. From scheming nobles to treaties created under the guise of peace, the reader is transported to the years before a cohesive group of city-states that became Germany. She shows us how the power of the Catholic Church stoked the fires of revolution, and caused the great schism between the Catholic people and the newly forming Protestant sects. The book begins by discussing the origins of the Aryan race (framed as describing people of Indo-European heritage as a racial grouping, or distinctive race/sub-race of the Caucasians) and ends around 1871 when Germany was united after defeating Napoleon. (3 hr 38 min)


Preface 1:28 Read by VioletBleu
Indo-European Migrations—Divisions of the Aryan Family into European Races—The … 6:54 Read by VioletBleu
Hermann—Defeat of Varus—Characteristics of the Ancient Germans 5:46 Read by VioletBleu
Social Conditions—Form of Government—The Goth in Rome—A Gothic Kingdom in Spain… 8:31 Read by VioletBleu
Ulfilas—The Hunnish Invasion—The Roman Empire Perishing—Its Conversion—An Easte… 10:12 Read by VioletBleu
Early Conditions—Hungarian Invasions—Creation of Burgs—Knighthood—Pope and Empe… 13:27 Read by VioletBleu
Source of Weakness in the Empire—The Great Interregnum—The Nibelungen Lied—The … 6:25 Read by VioletBleu
Conditions—First Hapsburg and First Hohenzollern—Swiss Freedom—Intellectual Awa… 9:59 Read by VioletBleu
General European Conditions—Centralizing Tendencies at Work—Maximilian I.—A New… 7:48 Read by VioletBleu
Triple Game between Francis I., Henry VIII., and Charles IV.—Leo X.—Luther—The … 18:41 Read by VioletBleu
A Protestant Germany—A Divided Protestantism—True Meaning of the Struggle—Unfru… 16:05 Read by VioletBleu
Romano-Germanic Empire Perishing—European Conditions—Louis XIV.—Decay of Nation… 14:59 Read by VioletBleu
Frederick the Great—His Childhood—Von Katte's Execution—Frederick at Potsdam—Fr… 17:00 Read by VioletBleu
War over American Boundary between England and France—Maria Theresa Joins Franc… 8:21 Read by VioletBleu
Marie Antoinette Married to the French Dauphin Louis—Unsuspected Conditions—Jos… 9:27 Read by VioletBleu
The Beginnings of the Storm—The United States of America and France—The Thought… 11:29 Read by VioletBleu
Napoleon Emperor of the French—Third Coalition—Prussian Neutrality—The Rheinbun… 8:13 Read by VioletBleu
Revolt of Bavarian Peasants—The "League of Virtue"—Invasion of Russia—Burning o… 10:24 Read by VioletBleu
Reconstruction—The Act of Union—Sentiment of the People—Concessions—Francis II.… 12:45 Read by VioletBleu
King William and Bismarck—Schleswig-Holstein—Proposed Division—War against Aust… 10:14 Read by VioletBleu
Napoleon III. Plans the Overthrow of Prussian Dominion—Vacant Throne in Spain—A… 10:05 Read by VioletBleu