Stories of the Bible, Volume 1: The People of the Chosen Land

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Brief Bible stories from the Old Testament, many accompanied by poems. - Summary by Larry Wilson (3 hr 2 min)


The Creation 3:57 Read by Alan Mapstone
The Garden of Eden 4:47 Read by BettyB
The Flood 5:49 Read by runtiderun
The Tower of Babel 1:51 Read by BettyB
Abraham 4:12 Read by Alan Mapstone
Abraham's Visions 4:34 Read by Danyell Davis
Hagar 2:27 Read by weezer
Isaac 4:11 Read by Nayeer
Rebekah 2:50 Read by weezer
Jacob and Esau 10:57 Read by Nayeer
Joseph 4:40 Read by Katarina Fink
Pharaoh's Dream 5:23 Read by BettyB
Joseph's Brothers 7:14 Read by Nayeer
The Story of Moses 7:22 Read by Nayeer
Moses' Vision 4:38 Read by Katarina Fink
The Plagues of Egypt 7:25 Read by mleigh
The Red Sea 5:01 Read by mleigh
Miriam's Song 1:50 Read by Denise Ray
In the Wilderness 6:37 Read by Laurel Emerson
The Tabernacle 4:24 Read by Greg Giordano
The Promised Land 7:19 Read by Max Hollway
The Story of Joshua 7:15 Read by Denise Ray
The Gibeonites 7:35 Read by Denise Ray
Ehud and Deborah 6:44 Read by Greg Giordano
The Story of Gideon 12:00 Read by Bill Mosley
Abimelech 5:56 Read by Greg Giordano
The Story of Samson 14:27 Read by Sam Carcamo
The Story of Ruth and Naomi 6:27 Read by weezer
The Story of Samuel 14:52 Read by Larry Wilson