The Photographer's Evidence

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(4.3 stars; 42 reviews)

Nick Carter is a fictional detective who first appeared in 1886 in dime store novels. Over the years, different authors, all taking the nom de plume Nicholas Carter, have penned stories featuring "America's greatest detective". One evening, a stranger calls on our hero at home, with a tale of the kidnap of the governor's daughter and theft of some important papers; but when he begins to conceal information, Nick refuses to help and becomes suspicious. As Mr. Snell leaves, the detective's sidekick, Patsy, follows. (3 hr 25 min)


A Doubtful Client 10:09 Read by John Walker
Mr. Snell in Trouble 11:10 Read by John Walker
A Game of Watching 15:46 Read by Annie Mars
Patsy's Dancing Lesson 10:41 Read by Simona Rusu
Caught in the Hills 8:34 Read by John Walker
Patsy Is Forced to Sleep 14:22 Read by John Walker
The Mystery of George Snell 15:31 Read by Dory
The Ransom 13:21 Read by Lynne T
A Call to Colorado 17:29 Read by Usha Ganesh
Waiting for Nick Carter 12:58 Read by Andrew Gaunce
A Suspect and an Alibi 14:42 Read by Kenny Harrington
The Journey to Hank Low's 11:33 Read by Kathleen Moore
An Arrest 18:20 Read by Kathleen Moore
Snapped 11:08 Read by Kathleen Moore
Daddy Drew's Dive 11:32 Read by ToddHW
Hank Low's Luck 8:23 Read by ToddHW



(5 stars)

I enjoy these light detective stories where we do not have to worry about the ending.

(3.5 stars)

Nice enough story. Some rather terrible reading in the second half.

Good yarn

(5 stars)

Well read by various reader's.