Read by Mark F. Smith

(4.4 stars; 183 reviews)

Commander Greylorn has a problem. No, actually he has two of them. It's not enough that the remaining residents of Earth have pinned their last hope of salvation on him and his mission. He has to find a colony that presumedly was established at an unknown star two centuries before and beg their help. But first, he has the small matter of a mutiny on board his starship, and people are trying to kill him!
Written in an era when radios used vacuum tubes, the scientific component of the story is quaint and dated. But Laumer makes the centerpiece of his tale the retelling of how, four years out on the voyage, his crew decides it wants to give up and go home when it meets an alien race... that apparently breeds humans in captivity as food animals!
Beating the aliens, shanghaiing the crew, finding the colony and saving Mother Earth - just the ingredients for a rattling good yarn! (summary by Mark F. Smith) (2 hr 11 min)


Section 1 17:39 Read by Mark F. Smith
Section 2 24:15 Read by Mark F. Smith
Section 3 18:31 Read by Mark F. Smith
Section 4 27:12 Read by Mark F. Smith
Section 5 21:13 Read by Mark F. Smith
Section 6 23:02 Read by Mark F. Smith


Folksy intergalactic yarn that plays to form.

(5 stars)

Intriguing short story about an intergalactic encounter led by Commander Greylorn Simple take, will written and well narrated. Historicc footnote on language, use of violence and attitude to ecology. Recommended if you want a folksy, intergalactic yarn played to stereotype.

more timeless than expected

(3 stars)

For a yarn from the era of vacuum tubes, it holds up pretty well with a bit of vagueness and timeless practicality. It's also a well needed relief from today's tales that, with blind religious zealotry, place blame for Earth's woes on humans.

I LOVED this story!

(5 stars)

I have listened to it twice, it is that good. The summary is spot on, so nothing more need be added. Mark Smith does his usual fabulous job reading. Thanks Mark!

Thanks Mark for another great read

(5 stars)

a short but highly entertaining book! And I would like to say thank you to mark, for the choices of books you've narrated they've all been great!

Good short story

(4 stars)

Well read by Mark. Story was typical for the attitudes of the day. In that context I enjoyed it. Well written. Sandraina3 stupid remarks shows her ignorance of 1968 culture.

Short, but good!

(5 stars)

I liked this one, the reader was great as well. Aliens with an big ego and a sick sense of humor makes a good, but short story!

(4 stars)

Wonderful narration and story. I love the way the older stories are not soiled by our culture today. Thank you very much !

love Mark F Smith

(3 stars)

the book was ok till the end, did not like how they left it like they did.