Myths and Legends of All Nations

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.1 stars; 24 reviews)

This excellent book contains many great stories from the various mythologies of man throughout the ages. (8 hr 58 min)


Preface 2:27 Read by Mark
Prometheus the Friend of Man 6:53 Read by Mark
The Labors of Hercules 33:43 Read by Mark
Deucalion and Pyrrha 7:52 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Theseus and the Centaur 7:19 Read by David Kleparek
Niobe 7:53 Read by Elizabeth Klett
The Gorgon's Head 56:41 Read by Lucy Lo Faro
The Golden Fleece, part 1 34:32 Read by Anna Simon
The Golden Fleece, part 2 38:25 Read by Anna Simon
The Cyclops 21:15 Read by Lucy Lo Faro
Ĺ’dipus and the Sphinx 3:52 Read by Andy
Antigone, a Faithful Daughter and Sister 22:05 Read by Kalynda
The Story of Iphigenia 51:08 Read by Graham Redman
The Sack of Troy 26:40 Read by Lucy Lo Faro
Beowulf and Grendel 27:57 Read by Lizzie Driver
The Good King Arthur: narrative and The Coming of Arthur 37:41 Read by Graham Redman
The Good King Arthur: The Passing of Arthur 31:10 Read by Graham Redman
The Great Knight Siegfried 14:34 Read by Leon Mire
Lohengrin and Elsa the Beautiful 10:12 Read by Leon Mire
Frithiof the Bold 11:43 Read by Lucy Lo Faro
Wayland the Smith 11:55 Read by Lucy Lo Faro
Twardowski, the Polish Faust 12:32 Read by Rhonda Federman
Ilia Muromec of Russia 4:18 Read by Lucy Lo Faro
Kralewitz Marko of Servia 7:06 Read by Lucy Lo Faro
The Decision of Libuscha 3:26 Read by Andy
Count Roland of France 33:25 Read by Chris Rosser
The Cid 12:10 Read by Esther


Cliff Notes Classics

(4 stars)

It is exactly what it says it is. A wide breadth of tales told succinctly. A great little review of Greek gods and their hijinx.

wonderful stories

(5 stars)

Sometimes the volume changes so drastically it scares me! Otherwise I enjoyed the stories and narrations.