Hope Farm Notes

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“Most of these notes were originally printed in the Rural New-Yorker from week to week and covering a period of about 20 years. . . . From the very first the object of these notes has been to picture simply and truthfully the brighter, cheerful side of Farm Life.” (From the author’s preface) Herbert W. Collingwood gives us a delightful collection of essays reflecting his homespun wisdom and wit from the rural setting of the farm in early twentieth century America. He touches on subjects from baseball to Christmas, all reflecting his treasured values of home and family. - Summary by Larry Wilson (6 hr 48 min)


Preface 1:32 Read by Larry Wilson
The Sunny Side of the Barn Part 1 15:42 Read by ToddHW
The Sunny Side of the Barn Part 2 15:31 Read by Gini Pug
A Hope Farm Sermon 8:59 Read by itiimmyy
Grandmother 13:28 Read by Heidi L. Johnson
Laughter and Religion 8:31 Read by Larry Wilson
A Day in Florida 13:37 Read by Tasha Hobbs Peterson
The Baseball Game 9:18 Read by Colleen McMahon
Transplanting the Young Idea 10:55 Read by Colleen McMahon
The Sleepless Man 8:41 Read by Colleen McMahon
Lincoln’s Birthday 9:26 Read by Peter S. Chong
Uncle Ed’s Philosophy 10:30 Read by Kathleen Moore
A God-forsaken Place 12:03 Read by Kathleen Moore
Louise 11:06 Read by Kathleen Moore
Christmas Every Day 9:38 Read by Larry Wilson
''The Finest Lesson'' 24:34 Read by Peter S. Chong
''Columbus Day'' 14:18 Read by Gagnon Courchesne
The Commencement 14:17 Read by Gagnon Courchesne
''Organization'' 14:24 Read by Paul Harvey
The Face of Liberty 14:36 Read by CassiopeiaSparks
Captain Randall’s Hour 14:42 Read by Nancy Gorgen
''Snow Bound'' 15:05 Read by Kathleen Moore
''Class'' 14:43 Read by Kathleen Moore
''I’ll Tell God'' 18:29 Read by Rebecca Eden Walker
A Day’s Work 17:45 Read by LeeSalter
Professor Gander’s Academy 14:10 Read by CassiopeiaSparks
Colonel O’Brien and Sergeant Hill 17:56 Read by drwebber
How the Other Half Lives 11:13 Read by Delilah Bing
The Indians Won 12:16 Read by Alex Kameleon
Ike Sawyer’s Hotel 14:50 Read by CassiopeiaSparks
Old-time Politics 16:39 Read by April6090