The Murders in the Rue Morgue

Read by Reynard T. Fox

(4.4 stars; 175 reviews)

The Murders in the Rue Morgue" is a short story written by Edgar Allan Poe in 1841. Poe referred to it as a "tale of ratiocination" featuring the brilliant deductions of C. Auguste Dupin; it is today regarded as one of the first detective stories and is almost certainly the first locked room mystery. (Summary from Wikipedia) (1 hr 34 min)


Chapter 1 27:00 Read by Reynard T. Fox
Chapter 2 28:25 Read by Reynard T. Fox
Chapter 3 38:56 Read by Reynard T. Fox


the murders of rue morgue

(4.5 stars)

I love this audio while going to sleep...the voices are very soothing.

Good recording

(4 stars)

Thank you for reading this! The narration was excellent and earns an extra star to the review in general. I must admit, while it was interesting to see the origins of the now familiar patterns of a detective story, the case itself was thoroughly disappointing. The story feels more of a writing exercise in such casework than anything with actualized characters or any psychology, which, to be fair, wasn't in style at the time in today's extent. In any case, I'm happy to have listened to it and ticked it off my list.

good story well read

(5 stars)

Good job reading by Renard. Not Poe's best story by any stretch, but a good story, and important as the first locked-room mystery. Later authors wrote better locked room mysteries (much better, in fact), but this one is good, too, though short. Worth hearing for its historic importance to the genre, too.

Excellent Reader and a Creative Murder

(5 stars)

Poe is superb in his storytelling... twisted and weird, but well done. I can see why Dupin earned the ire and disdain of Sherlock Holmes. Dupin's reasoning is nearly fantastical and on the surface not as logical as Holmes'.

Over rated

(2 stars)

Not the first mystery. The Chinese and the Jews had a few long before this. I found this both boring and unbelievable. If Poe hadn’t written it, it would be long forgotten.

Spoilers, much?

(3 stars)

The quality of the reading was so-so, with little emphasis and occasional mistakes, but what really spoils things is the fact that the culprit is pictured on the thumbnail...

(4 stars)

Excellent reading by Reynard T. Fox. Decidedly weird murder mystery with an unbelievable culprit. However, I’m certain the original audience was duly horrified by the sensational aspects of the crime.


(5 stars)

One of Edgar Allen Poe's finest works. will always be a favourite 'pulling the rug out' discovery.