The Quest of the Silver Fleece

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(4.7 stars; 28 reviews)

The Quest of the Silver Fleece is a story of romance, race, economics and politics set around the 1900s. Here, a traditionally educated boy and an unschooled “swamp girl” each begin a journey toward love, ambition and redemption in the “Old South.” (Summary by AJai Hilton) (12 hr 15 min)


01 - Dreams 15:07 Read by Richard Kilmer
02 - The School 8:19 Read by AJai Hilton
03 - Miss Mary Taylor 11:42 Read by AJai Hilton
04 - Town 18:15 Read by AJai Hilton
05 - Zora 15:42 Read by AJai Hilton
06 - Cotton 20:01 Read by AJai Hilton
07 - The Place of Dreams 22:47 Read by AJai Hilton
08 - Mr. Harry Cresswell 15:37 Read by AJai Hilton
09 - The Planting 18:04 Read by AJai Hilton
10 - Mr. Taylor Calls 27:49 Read by AJai Hilton
11 - The Flowering of the Fleece 16:55 Read by AJai Hilton
12 - The Promise 25:29 Read by AJai Hilton
13 - Mrs. Grey Gives a Dinner 9:48 Read by AJai Hilton
14 - Love 10:50 Read by AJai Hilton
15 - Revelation 22:42 Read by AJai Hilton
16 - The Great Refusal 16:27 Read by AJai Hilton
17 - The Rape of the Fleece 14:50 Read by AJai Hilton
18 - The Cotton Corner 16:57 Read by AJai Hilton
19 - The Dying of Elspeth 21:33 Read by AJai Hilton
20 - The Weaving of the Silver Fleece 16:52 Read by AJai Hilton
21 - The Marriage Morning 15:02 Read by AJai Hilton
22 - Miss Caroline Wynn 20:36 Read by AJai Hilton
23 - The Training of Zora 15:26 Read by AJai Hilton
24 - The Education of Alwyn 21:14 Read by AJai Hilton
25 - The Campaign 25:32 Read by AJai Hilton
26 - Congressman Cresswell 20:47 Read by Richard Kilmer
27 - The Vision of Zora 19:33 Read by Richard Kilmer
28 - The Annunciation 16:51 Read by Richard Kilmer
29 - A Master of Fate 24:56 Read by Richard Kilmer
30 - The Return of Zora 20:39 Read by Richard Kilmer
31 - A Parting of Ways 35:37 Read by Richard Kilmer
32 - Zora's Way 15:56 Read by Richard Kilmer
33 - The Buying of the Swamp 25:53 Read by Richard Kilmer
34 - The Return of Alwyn 26:00 Read by Richard Kilmer
35 - The Cotton Mill 23:42 Read by Richard Kilmer
36 - The Land 28:32 Read by Richard Kilmer
37 - The Mob 16:00 Read by Richard Kilmer
38 - Atonement 17:16 Read by Richard Kilmer


Should be part of the any classics list

(5 stars)

The story is thrilling, although being at the same time very realistic. I almost was put off because it has more than one reader, but I am glad I was not, because they all did a great job.

(4.5 stars)

I am pleasently surprised at the unprictable rises and falls in this novel. I did not want to stop listening. It was great! The second reader detracted from the enjoyment of the text. That is the only reason for 4.5 rather than 5 stars.

Surprisingly Enjoyable!

(5 stars)

So far I've really enjoyed DuBois' fiction! The reader who begins in the second chapter is excellent! She is expressive with clear diction and a rich voice. I hope she reads another novel for Librivox!

(5 stars)

Wonderful story of the great things we knew were possible, even in times when hate and greed dominated society. I enjoyed the story and the reader.

(5 stars)

Excellent book and reader. It was sweet, difficult and educational role all into one.

Great Book

(5 stars)

Great book! Such a novel to help understand today's way of life.