Tom Swift and His Motorcycle

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(4.5 stars; 40 reviews)

This is the very first Tom Swift adventure. Tom Swift has a newly purchased motorcycle, which he is modifying with his own inventions. He volunteers to use his bike to carry his father's new turbine design plans to Albany, testing his motorcycle enhancements at the same time. Set upon by corporate spies out to steal his dad's plans, Tom must escape from them, recover the plans, and complete his trip! (Colleen McMahon) Listeners are forewarned that some elements and characters included in Tom Swift books portray certain ethnic groups in a very dated manner that modern readers, and listeners, may find offensive. It is Librivox policy to maintain the original language of texts. (4 hr 23 min)


A Narrow Escape 16:16 Read by Gracie Lynn
Tom Overhears Something 10:16 Read by Derek Trial
In a Smash-Up 7:52 Read by blairdm
Tom and a Motorcycle 11:36 Read by Derek Trial
Mr. Swift is Alarmed 11:43 Read by Retroindiereader
An Interview in the Dark 6:38 Read by Steven Jon Peterson
Off On a Spin 10:27 Read by Nathan Fry
Suspicious Actions 11:38 Read by Wayne Cooke
A Fruitless Pursuit 7:10 Read by Retroindiereader
Off to Albany 13:07 Read by Wayne Cooke
A Vindictive Tramp 12:37 Read by Nathan Fry
The Men in the Auto 13:30 Read by larryhayes7
Caught in a Storm 8:16 Read by larryhayes7
Attacked From Behind 9:46 Read by Gracie Lynn
A Vain Search 10:38 Read by Jennifer Fournier
Back Home 8:09 Read by Gracie Lynn
Mr. Swift in Despair 9:10 Read by Wayne Cooke
Happy Harry Again 10:46 Read by Paul Harvey
Tom on a Hunt 11:51 Read by Paul Harvey
Eradicate Saws Wood 8:19 Read by Wayne Cooke
Eradicate Gives a Clew 9:38 Read by Wayne Cooke
The Strange Mansion 10:05 Read by Gracie Lynn
Tom is Pursued 10:13 Read by Steven Jon Peterson
Unexpected Help 13:04 Read by Ritu Aarcee
The Capture -- Good-by 10:40 Read by Ritu Aarcee


Fun adventure!

(5 stars)

I liked this more than I expected! A good young adult book, but enough plot to keep adult readers interested. Can't wait to read more by this author!

good book! Can't wait to finish and read series

(5 stars)

Such a simple beginning for Tom Swift!

(5 stars)

old style story

(4 stars)

Rather predicable story. While the presentation of the black character was probably acceptable at the time this story what written, today it comes across as very insulting and cringe- worthy.