The Box-Car Children (Version 2)

Read by Hannah Mary

(4.9 stars; 56 reviews)

Henry, Jess, Violet, and Benny just lost their father and are all alone. To avoid being sent to the grandfather they fear, they have no choice but to run away. What follows is a weary midnight journey and the fun of settling into an old, abandoned boxcar in the woods. When Henry's job makes them new friends, they don't realize how important that will be for their future. - Summary by HannahMary (2 hr 40 min)


The Flight 10:08 Read by Hannah Mary
The Second Night 9:24 Read by Hannah Mary
Shelter 7:59 Read by Hannah Mary
A New Home 10:39 Read by Hannah Mary
Housekeeping 9:21 Read by Hannah Mary
Earning a Living 11:13 Read by Hannah Mary
At Home 12:14 Read by Hannah Mary
Building a Dam 11:20 Read by Hannah Mary
Cherry Picking 8:06 Read by Hannah Mary
The Race 9:44 Read by Hannah Mary
More Education 10:17 Read by Hannah Mary
Ginseng 6:35 Read by Hannah Mary
Trouble 11:00 Read by Hannah Mary
Caught 8:37 Read by Hannah Mary
A New Grandfather 8:12 Read by Hannah Mary
A United Family 9:14 Read by Hannah Mary
Safe 6:23 Read by Hannah Mary


Loved it!

(5 stars)

This original version of The Boxcar Children is much more in depth and delightful than the simplified books so many of us grew up with. The story has many great details that delight an imagination and endearing characters. Well read, too!

Daughter Loved This!

(5 stars)

My 9-year old daughter listened to it twice over and loved every moment of it. This reader (HannahMary) is pleasant to listen to. We all enjoyed it.

(5 stars)

As Wonderful as I remember this book being many years ago . My mother read it as a child. I read it to my son. Now my Grandchildren read it . I LOVE THE BOXCAR CHILDREN!

Fun book for Children

(5 stars)

Thanks so much for this book! Titus enjoyed it, and so did I :) Beautiful narraration, as always! ~Annika

(5 stars)

The reader’s voice is lovely & so soothing, such a help to fall to sleep! The story is also very sweet

good book good reader

(5 stars)

I listen to this when im feeling lost or anxious. it is a kind and gentle story

Lovely Story

(5 stars)

Great story, nicely read. Pity the sequels aren‘t in the public domain yet.

My girls listen to this story every night.

(5 stars)

Love this book