Is the Bible Worth Reading and Other Essays

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These are more than 100 short essays on all things atheism and freethought penned by Lemuel K. Washburn, an American freethought writer and editor for the Boston Investigator. He talks about a wide range of topics, for example about women and the church, human integrity, the character of god and the idea and teachings of Jesus. At the end of some essays there are aphorisms from his pen. Washburn is best known for the Cosmian Hymn Book: A Collection of Original and Selected Hymns, a collection of hymns promoted as "perfectly free from all sectarianism" published in 1888. (Summary by Ava) (5 hr 56 min)


Is the Bible Worth Reading 4:50 Read by Rapunzelina
Sacrifice 5:39 Read by weezer
The Drama of Life 6:53 Read by sorgeaw
Nature in June 6:10 Read by sorgeaw
The Infinite Purpose 4:31 Read by weezer
Freethought Commands 1:47 Read by Alan Mapstone
A Rainbow Religion 5:50 Read by sorgeaw
A Cruel God 4:38 Read by sorgeaw
What is Jesus 2:57 Read by sorgeaw
Deeds Better Than Professions 1:50 Read by Delilah Bing
Give Us The Truth 2:52 Read by Delilah Bing
The American Sunday 4:36 Read by Delilah Bing
Lord and Master 3:03 Read by Julie Burks
Are Christians Intelligent or Honest 2:36 Read by Lauren-Emma Blake
The Danger of the Ballot 4:55 Read by Chad Sawyer
Who Carried the Cross 3:14 Read by Chad Sawyer
Modern Disciples of Jesus 4:53 Read by Chad Sawyer
A Poor Excuse 2:08 Read by False Citrine
Profession and Practice 3:19 Read by False Citrine
Where Is Truth 4:33 Read by False Citrine
What Does It Prove 1:37 Read by calmoji
Human Responsibility 2:12 Read by calmoji
Abolish Dirt 1:33 Read by calmoji
Religion and Morality 3:26 Read by Nicole Gee
Jesus as a Model 1:42 Read by calmoji
Singing Lies 3:32 Read by Nicole Gee
A Walk Through a Cemetary 3:17 Read by Nicole Gee
Peace With God 2:41 Read by calmoji
Saving the Soul 2:12 Read by calmoji
The Search For Something to Worship 3:18 Read by calmoji
Where Are They 1:18 Read by Julie Burks
Some Questions For Christians To Answer 1:38 Read by Scarbo
The Image Of God 3:23 Read by calmoji
Religion And Science 3:38 Read by Availle
The Bible And The Child 3:30 Read by Mike Shepard
When To Help The World 5:06 Read by Julie Burks
The Judgment Of God 3:41 Read by Chuck Williamson
Christianity And Freethought 2:06 Read by Alan Mapstone
The Brotherhood And Freedom Of Man 4:08 Read by ElBee
Whatever Is Is Right 6:00 Read by ElBee
The Object Of Life 2:51 Read by ElBee
Man 4:17 Read by ElBee
The Dogma Of The Divine Man 3:31 Read by ElBee
The Rich Man's Gospel 3:11 Read by Julie Burks
Speak Well Of One Another 3:26 Read by calmoji
Disgraceful Partnerships 3:09 Read by Julie Burks
Science And Theology 2:01 Read by Availle
Unequal Remuneration 3:29 Read by Julie Burks
The Old And The New 3:54 Read by False Citrine
Guard The Ear 1:50 Read by False Citrine
The Character Of God 1:08 Read by False Citrine
Not Important 1:47 Read by False Citrine
Oaths 2:26 Read by False Citrine
Dead Words 2:10 Read by Alan Mapstone
Confession Of Sin 3:37 Read by Nathan Whitson
Death's Philanthropy 3:10 Read by Nathan Whitson
Our Attitude Towards Nature 2:22 Read by Julie Burks
Reverence For Motherhood 3:26 Read by Julie Burks
The God Of The Bible 3:39 Read by protabs
The Measure Of Suffering 3:09 Read by Nicole Gee
Nature 1:54 Read by J. M. Smallheer
Creeds 4:09 Read by Chuck Williamson
Don't Try To Stop The Sun Shining 1:55 Read by J. M. Smallheer
Follow Me 2:31 Read by Traceyann
Can We Never Get Along Without Servants? 4:54 Read by Traceyann
A Heavenly Father 3:03 Read by ElBee
Worship Not Needed 3:33 Read by ElBee
Was Jesus A Good Man 1:59 Read by ElBee
How To Help Mankind 3:05 Read by ElBee
On The Cross 3:18 Read by ElBee
Equal Moral Standards 3:40 Read by J. M. Smallheer
Authority 7:01 Read by Julie Burks
A Clean Sabbath 3:31 Read by Mike Shepard
Human Integrity 5:25 Read by Availle
Is It True 3:55 Read by Mike Shepard
Keep The Children At Home 3:36 Read by Mike Shepard
Teacher And Preacher 3:46 Read by Julie Burks
Fear Of Doubts 1:55 Read by Alan Mapstone
Bible-Backing 3:07 Read by hiabc
Beggars 3:09 Read by Andrew Gaunce
Habits 3:07 Read by Andrew Gaunce
Can Poverty Be Abolished 3:17 Read by Andrew Gaunce
The Roman Catholic God 3:09 Read by hiabc
Human Cruelty 1:43 Read by calmoji
Infidelity 3:26 Read by hiabc
Atheism 1:58 Read by Scarbo
Christian Happiness 3:38 Read by Jennifer Fournier
What God Knows 3:28 Read by Jennifer Fournier
The Meaning Of The Word God 3:52 Read by Jennifer Fournier
What Has Jesus Done For The World 3:50 Read by Jennifer Fournier
The Agnostic's Position 1:55 Read by Alan Mapstone
Orthodoxy 1:52 Read by Alan Mapstone
Ideas Of Jesus 3:39 Read by Tristan
The Silence Of Jesus 3:18 Read by Tristan
Does The Church Save 3:14 Read by Tristan
Save The Republic 4:01 Read by Tristan
A Woman's Religion 3:23 Read by Tristan
The Sacrifice Of Jesus 5:01 Read by False Citrine
Fashionable Hypocrisy 5:28 Read by Chuck Williamson
The Saturday Half-Holiday 3:00 Read by Amanda Miller
The Motive For Preaching 4:17 Read by Amanda Miller
The Christian's God 1:46 Read by Lauren-Emma Blake
Indifference To Religion 3:17 Read by Availle
Sunday Schools 3:53 Read by Lauren-Emma Blake
Going To Church 3:46 Read by Lauren-Emma Blake
Who Is The Greatest Living Man 4:10 Read by Lauren-Emma Blake


Oh, another one.

(0.5 stars)

Reason is a part of religious thought, ‘Suzie.’ I have sometimes doubted the existence of God and Jesus, but after reading passages from the Holy Bible, my faith is always rejuvenated! I also have the great luck of being born into a religious family, all of whom have great logic, one of whom is a teacher, one is a librarian, one is a doctor, and they all have faith in God, and give good reasons to believe in God. It’s alright if you disagree with me, I just wish these books and reviews wouldn’t give random, insensible tantrums about religion being fake. 4/5 of all people in the world are religious, are you really going to talk to them like that in real life? I doubt it, and if you do, you are no better than a racist, a racist against religion, a racist against the Divine. Well, hope you like this book, I guess. Please don’t murder me.

(5 stars)

The author make clear, concise arguments based on logic and common sense. If one could suspend one’s belief in superstition, ignorance, fear, and tradition, one could see the truth in the author’s reasoning. The religious know they are right because they have faith and they have faith because they know they are right. Logic, reason and common sense have no meaning in their world.

(1 stars)

Is this audiobook worth listening to? ... go for it. But what are you afraid of?... reasonably intelligent people seeing through your ridiculous lies? If you were to read the Bible for youself, you will see through these essays as tripe and short sighted... having no conception of cultural and historical context, mystical meaning and spiritual depth. These essays are more absurd than they claim the Bible to be. The Bible is the most profound and widely read book ever written... it has influenced man and history more than any book ever has or will. Don't read it?... your loss.