The Glory in the Grey

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

It sometimes happens, when we are dispirited, that God's gracious gift of reviving comes to us along a very ordinary channel--in the form, perhaps, of some tonic, heartening passage found in reading, or the "morning face" and cheerful greeting of a friend. That is often all that we need--when our hurt is not serious-- to send us back with a new zest and courage to our tasks; and that is the sort of usefulness which is desired for this book.

It does not pretend to deal with the great themes or the great hours of the religious life, but only with some of its simple encouragements and ideals for everyday. There is a wide difference between the far-off flash of guidance which the sailor steers by in the darkness, and the humbler lights on board which he sees to do his work. Yet he needs them both. (From the Preface) (6 hr 20 min)


God's Second-best 8:16 Read by MaryAnn
On winding up a Clock 13:05 Read by Aiken
The Odour of the Ointment 7:33 Read by Jael
Little Sanctuaries 5:49 Read by mleigh
Impossible Bread 9:33 Read by Devorah Allen
Laughter 8:49 Read by Devorah Allen
Supposing 5:47 Read by Owlivia
By-products 7:46 Read by John
Busy Here and There 6:36 Read by John
''Too Old at Forty'' 7:40 Read by Larry Wilson
Two-talent People 10:05 Read by Wayne Cooke
The Mirage and the Pool 10:04 Read by Wayne Cooke
The Duty of Praising People 5:24 Read by Jael
Building in Troublous Times 7:51 Read by Owlivia
Character in Three Dimensions 10:36 Read by jenno
The Peril of the Empty Heart 6:00 Read by Larry Wilson
The Storm and the Voice 14:12 Read by Aiken
''The Gift of a Day'' 6:03 Read by Jael
Burdens 8:45 Read by Joanna Michal Hoyt
Furnishing the Inner Chamber 10:07 Read by Joanna Michal Hoyt
The Other Little Ships 10:33 Read by Wayne Cooke
Worry 10:08 Read by Wayne Cooke
The Eyes of a Fool 12:36 Read by Wayne Cooke
The Open Window 9:29 Read by Wayne Cooke
What hast thou in the House 8:42 Read by Wayne Cooke
Our Unseen Environment 9:15 Read by Michele Eaton
The Day's Work 10:50 Read by Wayne Cooke
The Grace of Grit 7:06 Read by LG Howie
The Excellence of the Ordinary 8:28 Read by Larry Wilson
Unconscious Influence 10:41 Read by Joy Etete
The Iron Gates of Life 8:17 Read by Larry Wilson
Providence in Common Things 7:11 Read by mleigh
Wayside Religion 12:12 Read by Wayne Cooke
Handfuls of Purpose 8:00 Read by Owlivia
Our Minstrels 6:56 Read by Larry Wilson
In Parallel Columns 9:52 Read by Larry Wilson
A Sin without a Name 8:24 Read by Jael
Toward? 9:59 Read by Wayne Cooke
Contagious Blessings 8:02 Read by Wayne Cooke
Toward the Sunrising 10:34 Read by Wayne Cooke
The Shepherds, the Child, and the Wise Men 9:31 Read by MaryAnn
Forward! 13:24 Read by Aiken