Out of the Iron Womb!

Read by Paul Harvey

(4.3 stars; 86 reviews)

Behind a pale Venusian mask lay hidden the arch-humanist, the anti-tech killer ... one of those who needlessly had strewn Malone blood across the heavens from Saturn to the sun. Now—on distant Trojan asteroids—the rendezvous for death was plainly marked. This is an outstanding story from Poul Anderson, renowned as one of the greatest science fiction writers. - Summary by Author (1 hr 28 min)


The Most Dangerous 14:35 Read by Paul Harvey
The World Came to an End 14:53 Read by Paul Harvey
In Another Minute 15:48 Read by Paul Harvey
You Can't Just Lie Here 15:45 Read by Paul Harvey
After DInner 13:34 Read by Paul Harvey
The Lip of the Crater 14:20 Read by Paul Harvey


entertaining short story

(3.5 stars)

it was well read, it was a decent story and I liked the structure of it.


(5 stars)

Didn’t love that the story jumps around timeline but no big deal. Excellent story. Politics were fine.

(4 stars)

surprisingly alright, and it's a short investment to hear it for yourself. Thanks Libervox ⭐⭐⭐⭐

(4 stars)

a basic but pretty good scifi

Good Story! old style scifi drama

(5 stars)