The Goody-Naughty Book (Version 2)

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(5 stars; 2 reviews)

This fun little book was printed with two stories, back to back. Reading from the front cover, it is "The Goody Side," where children are well-behaved and polite. Reading from the back cover forward is "The Naughty Side," where children behave quite differently. (0 hr 51 min)


HONOR BRIGHT, PRESIDENT 2:32 Read by Maria Abrenica
ROSE-RED AND RUTHIE 3:16 Read by Maria Abrenica
THE TREE GAME 2:32 Read by Maria Abrenica
BILLY BOY'S MAGIC KEY 2:37 Read by Maria Abrenica
POLLY'S NEW APRIL FOOL 4:37 Read by April6090
THE THREE B's 3:30 Read by Ellen Adams
TEDDY'S HELPERS 4:08 Read by Leo Fialho
THE RED-LETTER DAY 2:39 Read by ChristineO
"WILLIE WON'T" 2:23 Read by dc
MOLLY AND THE POUTS 2:45 Read by dc
INDIAN HUGHIE 3:19 Read by yourbookvoice
"I FORGOT" 2:15 Read by MDBvoices
HOW SAMMY WAS CURED 5:10 Read by dc
THE GOING-TO CLUB 2:48 Read by Leo Fialho
WHEN P'RAPSY SAID "YES" 4:23 Read by Ellen Adams
WHAT HAPPENED TO WAGGLES 2:51 Read by ChristineO