Star Ship

Read by Paul Harvey

(4.2 stars; 67 reviews)

The strangest space-castaways of all! The Terrans left their great interstellar ship unmanned in a tight orbit around Khazak—descended, all of
them, in a lifeboat to investigate that weird, Iron Age world—and the lifeboat cracked up! This story is Poul Anderson at his best, ride along through the galaxy and see what adventure awaits. - Summary by Paul Harvey (1 hr 34 min)


With sunset, there was rain 12:46 Read by Paul Harvey
In the cellar 16:23 Read by Paul Harvey
The long night 12:24 Read by Paul Harvey
In the courtyard 18:25 Read by Paul Harvey
The loyalists charge 21:05 Read by Paul Harvey
The boat spouted flame 13:13 Read by Paul Harvey


(5 stars)

very interesting story and engaging characters. would be nice to read a sequel.

Classic sci-fi

(3 stars)

A decent sci-fi short with a very good reader.

good one

(5 stars)

I like it but wish it wa longer