Best Dog Stories

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(3.8 stars; 6 reviews)

A collection of adult stories - sad, humorous, and adventurous - about Man's Best Friend. NOTE: Some of these selections contain violence and racial stereotypes that will be objectionable to some listeners. - Summary by TriciaG (6 hr 53 min)


To Hub--Just a Dog, by Warren G. Harding 2:26 Read by mleigh
A Tribute to the Dog, by George Graham Vest 4:24 Read by mleigh
The Anarchist--His Dog, by Susan Glaspell 34:23 Read by Deanna Heise
One Smart Pup, by Frank R. Pierce 29:33 Read by April6090
Ordered On, by John T. Foote 31:14 Read by Audrey Sing
Drafted, by Vesta Tharp 20:32 Read by Michael Cocciolillo
Brown Wolf, by Jack London 15:38 Read by Amber Rose
The Pursuit, by Samuel A. Derieux 34:33 Read by Audrey Sing
Bill, by Roy Norton 25:28 Read by Audrey Sing
When the Prince Came Home, by George T. Marsh 45:52 Read by Audrey Sing
The Last Adventure, by Albert P. Terhune 37:09 Read by Audrey Sing
Gammire, by Booth Tarkington 51:11 Read by TriciaG
The Lost Dog, by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman 11:46 Read by T.Honcharyk
Smoke, by John A. Moroso 20:41 Read by Audrey Sing
Chums, by Edwin L. Sabin 24:18 Read by ambsweet13
A Little Ghost in the Garden, by Richard Le Gallienne 24:05 Read by Audrey Sing