Democracy in America Vol. II

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Democracy in America was published in two volumes, the first in 1835 and the second in 1840. It is a classic work on the United States in the 1830s and its strengths and weaknesses as seen from a European point of view. It is also regarded as a pioneering work of sociology. (Summary based on Wikipedia)

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De Tocqueville's Preface To Vol II 5:15 Read by Sibella Denton
Part I: De Tocqueville's Preface To The Second Part:part1,chapter1: Philosophic… 23:35 Read by Leon Mire
p1c03: Why The Americans Display More Readiness And More Taste For General Idea… 15:55 Read by Leon Mire
1.05: Of The Manner In Which Religion In The United States Avails Itself Of Dem… 24:22 Read by Anna Simon
1.07: Of The Cause Of A Leaning To Pantheism Amongst Democratic Nations; 1.08: … 8:23 Read by Anna Simon
1.09: The Example of the Americans Does Not Prove That a Democratic People Can … 31:22 Read by Anna Simon
1.11: The Spirit in Which the Americans Cultivate the Arts; 1.12: Why the Ameri… 15:33 Read by Sibella Denton
1.13: Literary Characteristics of Democratic Ages; 1.14: The Trade of Literature 14:47 Read by Sibella Denton
1.15: The Study of Greek and Latin Literature Peculiarly Useful in Democratic C… 22:12 Read by Leon Mire
1.17: Some of the Sources of Poetry among Democratic Nations; 1.18: Of the Inf… 27:03 Read by Ralph Volpi
1.19: Some Observations on the Drama amongst Democratic Nations; 1.20: Characte… 29:40 Read by Ralph Volpi
1.21: Of Parliamentary Eloquence in the United States 11:06 Read by Sibella Denton
Part 2: Influence of Democracy on the Feelings of Americans2.01: Why Democratic… 20:54 Read by Ralph Volpi
2.03: Individualism Stronger at the Close of a Democratic Revolution than at Ot… 17:26 Read by Ralph Volpi
2.05: Of the Use which the Americans Make of Public Associations in Civil Life;… 25:22 Read by Ralph Volpi
2.07: Connection of Civil and Political Associations; 2.08: The Americans Comba… 28:50 Read by Ralph Volpi
2.09: That the Americans Apply the Principle of Interest Rightly Understood to … 14:19 Read by hearhis
2.11: Peculiar Effects of the Love of Physical Gratifications in Democratic Age… 11:10 Read by hearhis
2.13: Causes of the Restless Spirit of Americans in the Midst of Their Prosperi… 21:59 Read by hearhis
2.15 That Religious Belief Sometimes Turns the Thoughts of the Americans to Imm… 17:54 Read by hearhis
2.17: That in Times Marked by Equality of Conditions and Sceptical Opinions, It… 15:19 Read by Ralph Volpi
2.19: That Almost All the Americans Follow Industrial Callings; 2.20: That Aris… 18:31 Read by Anna Simon
3:21 Why Great Revolutions Will Become More Rare , 3:22 Why Democratic Nations … 16:39 Read by Anna Simon
3:23 Which Is The Most Warlike And Most Revolutionary Class In Democratic Armie… 11:37 Read by Anna Simon
3:25 Of Discipline In Democratic Armies . 3.26 Some Considerations On War In D… 25:30 Read by Anna Simon
Book 3 : Influence of Democracy on Manners, Properly So Called3.01: That Manner… 18:23 Read by Anna Simon
3.03: Why the Americans Show So Little Sensitiveness in Their Own Country, and … 13:26 Read by Anna Simon
3.05: How Democracy Affects the Relation of Masters and Servents; 3.06: That De… 24:04 Read by Sibella Denton
3.07: Influence of Democracy on Wager; 3.08: Influence of Democracy on Kindred 13:03 Read by Sibella Denton
3.09: Education of Young Women in the United States; 3.10: The Young Woman in t… 12:31 Read by Ransom
3.11: That the Equality of Conditions Contributes to the Maintenance of Good Mo… 40:32 Read by Anna Simon
3.13: That the Principle of Equality Naturally Divides the Americans into a Sma… 25:28 Read by Anna Simon
3.15: Of the Gravity of the Americans, and Why It Does Not Prevent Them from Of… 50:03 Read by Anna Simon
3.17: That the Aspect of Society in the United States Is at Once Excited and Mo… 19:23 Read by John Lieder
3.19: Why So Many Ambitious Men and So Little Lofty Ambition Are to Be Found in… 19:01 Read by Anna Simon
Book 4: Influence of Democratic Opinions on Political Society 4.01: That Equali… 10:58 Read by Sibella Denton
4.03: That the Sentiments of Democratic Nations Accord with Their Opinions in L… 21:09 Read by Sibella Denton
4.05: That Amongst the European Nations of Our Time the Power of Governments Is… 40:18 Read by Sibella Denton
4.07: Continuation of the Preceding Chapters; 4.08: General Survey of the Subje… 28:48 Read by Sibella Denton