Lord of a Thousand Suns

Read by Paul Harvey

(4.3 stars; 59 reviews)

A Man without a World, this 1,000,000-year-old Daryesh! Once Lord of a Thousand Suns, now condemned to rove the spaceways in alien form, searching for love, for life, for the great lost Vwyrdda. A great Poul Anderson story. - Summary by Poul Anderson (1 hr 28 min)


Anything Man Has Ever Imagined 10:03 Read by Paul Harvey
A Moon Hanging Low 16:08 Read by Paul Harvey
Suspicion and Puzzlement 19:51 Read by Paul Harvey
I Can't Understand You 18:48 Read by Paul Harvey
A Night of Stars and Distance 13:09 Read by Paul Harvey
So Cruelly Simple 10:55 Read by Paul Harvey


(5 stars)

Five stars for a delightful short story. Masterfully read, with captivating action, surprising ending, and pleasant thought-provoking reflection. This story put a smile on my face after I finished listening to it.

Lord of the Thousand Suns

(5 stars)

Paul Harvey. Great voice and enthusiasm. The story isn't that bad too. Thanks.


(3 stars)

The body snatching wasn’t my favorite but it’s short and decent. Fine for single listen.

so well done ...

(5 stars)

... a gem, a little masterpiece waiting to be discovered ...