The Introduction to Shakespeare Apocrypha

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

"The ambition of the editor has been to provide an accurate and complete text, with adequate critical and supplementary matter, of all those plays which can, without entire absurdity, be included in the 'doubtfully Shakespearian' class."

This Librivox project provides the Preface and Introduction of this book, wherein some 42 candidate Shakespeares are whittled down to some 14 plays "which alone appear entitled, on grounds either of reason or of custom, to a place among the Shakespeare Apocrypha." The book then presents the text (not included here) of the 14 plays; Librivox performances of these play texts will be presented separately in our catalog. For example, The Two Noble Kinsmen and The Birth of Merlin are already released.
- Summary by Author and Toddhw (2 hr 53 min)


Preface 7:14 Read by Zachary Trent
Introduction 25:44 Read by KevinS
Arden of Feversham, Locrine 21:09 Read by Tatiana Chichilla
Edward III, Mucedorus, Sir John Oldcastle 24:59 Read by Dave Campbell
Thomas Lord Cromwell, The London Prodigal, The Puritan, A Yorkshire Tragedy 23:02 Read by Dave Campbell
The Merry Devil of Edmonton, Fair Em, The Two Noble Kinsmen 31:41 Read by Trish Rutter
The Birth of Merlin, Sir Thomas More 40:04 Read by Trish Rutter