Bob And Ray Box 53 Side 2 L Segment 3

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By request If you have any information about the date of this show and its contents, please post it in the forum. This file appears to be from April 24, 1984

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1 28:21


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(4 stars)

I think this is an NPR episode. Mr. Webster is only allowed to play the introduction to Jalousie on the organ before the time constraints move on to the U S Army Amateur Hour with trained mice and a major's impressions of his favorite commanders. This is followed by letters to a columnist on investment advice. Biff Burns sports segment introduces the promoter of the International Hide and Seek League. A soap opera type show concerns a kidnapping in Garish Summitt. Finally in Bob and Ray Are There, the inventor of the television rooftop antenna is dramatized. A funny episode. I've gotta go, and put up my Einbeinder Flypaper, in new pastel designs.