Bob And Ray Tape 18 Track 1

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The tape in box 18 had no information attached to the tape. Posts by dedicated listeners indicate it it from the 1953 period. There was a great deal of cross-talk on the original upload of this tape. Fortunately one of the other Toasters tape players has been able to create a better quality sound. We have some very adjustable heads. But as it says on our banner, this is Bob and Ray For The Truly Desperate! If you have any information about this file please post it in the Bob and Ray For The Truly Desperate Forum.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



1 1:07:25


more fun from our boys

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I agree that this is c. 1953. this tape starts with a reference to *moondog* and the playing of one of his compositions. it would be worth the readers time to check out moondog on wikipedia. In 1954, moondog (with the help of arturo toscannini) sued alan freed for using his composition as a theme song and calling his radio show *the moondog rock and roll radio show.* curious little note there. there is fine humor in this upload but technically, it is a recording that suffers from bleed over from another broadcast on the original recording. it gets a bit better toward the end. among other notes (to date this broadcast), bob and ray report on the progress of the bob and ray mule team train. thanks for this upload BNR Toast. I've got to go because I've found work and so am obligated to write before I return to hanging by my thumbs.

Summer of 1953

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Quality of their humor at its peak here. In the bit Helen Harkness, Sob Sister, they refer to coverage of a coronation. "The coronation of Elizabeth II took place on 2 June 1953 at Westminster Abbey, London." (Wikipedia)

new stuff!

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Always glad to find something new