Swordsman of Lost Terra

Read by Paul Harvey

(3.8 stars; 33 reviews)

Proud Kery of Broina felt like a ghost himself; shade of a madman flitting hopelessly to the citadel of Earth's disinherited ... to recapture the
resonant pipes of Killorn—weapon of the gods—before they blared forth the dirge of the world. A great one from Poul Anderson!
- Summary by author (2 hr 25 min)


Bram the Red 16:44 Read by Paul Harvey
The Men of Killorn 15:04 Read by Paul Harvey
The Southern Folk 17:19 Read by Paul Harvey
The City of Ryvan 14:23 Read by Paul Harvey
The Armies of Ganasth 15:07 Read by Paul Harvey
Someone was Approaching 14:37 Read by Paul Harvey
A Long and Hard Ride 21:08 Read by Paul Harvey
The City Loomed Dark 11:41 Read by Paul Harvey
The Twilight Lander 19:07 Read by Paul Harvey


Good old fashioned space Opera, classic.

(5 stars)

A fun and entertaining short sci-fi story, read by one of the best readers at LibriVox. thank you Paul Harvey for doing such a great job!

Reading gets better

(5 stars)

I came back to this story and it’s actually really good so far.

Very painful to listen to halting and stumbling reader....

(1.5 stars)

The stumbling cadence and fumbling reading skills of this reader made this book impossible for me to finish. It’s a shame, I enjoyed this book as a teen. His reading sounds like a bad SNL parody.