The World's Great Men of Music: Story-Lives of Master Musicians

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(4.7 stars; 5 reviews)

These stories are gathered from many sources including biographies, letters, journals and musical history. The life story of 25 of the most celebrated musicians is presented. The author has aimed to make the story-sketches interesting to young people in hopes that they may prove valuable to musical readers of all ages. Students of piano, violin or other instruments need to know how the great composers lived their lives. In every musical career described in this book, from the old masters represented by Bach and Beethoven to the musical prophets of our own day, there is a wealth of inspiration and practical guidance for the artist in any field. Through their struggles, sorrows and triumphs, divine melody and harmony came into being, which will bless the world for all time to come. - Summary taken from the Foreword of the author (10 hr 26 min)


Foreword 2:02 Read by Paul Harvey
Palestrina 13:32 Read by Paul Harvey
John Sebastian Bach 24:26 Read by Paul Harvey
George Frederick Handel 26:26 Read by Paul Harvey
Christoph Willibald Gluck 22:19 Read by Paul Harvey
Josef Haydn 29:51 Read by Paul Harvey
Wolfgang Mozart 48:15 Read by Paul Harvey
Ludwig van Beethoven 20:11 Read by Jim Locke
Carl Maria von Weber 20:33 Read by Jim Locke
Franz Schubert 20:23 Read by Jim Locke
Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy 27:28 Read by Jim Locke
Robert Schumann 33:09 Read by jenno
Frederic Chopin 35:40 Read by Louis Hehman
Hector Berlioz 28:10 Read by jenno
Franz Liszt 30:37 Read by Louis Hehman
Giuseppe Verdi 28:03 Read by jenno
Richard Wagner 32:25 Read by jenno
César Franck 18:35 Read by Greg Giordano
Johannes Brahms 37:02 Read by Louis Hehman
Edward Grieg 26:51 Read by Chris Fong
Peter Ilyitch Tschaikowsky 22:16 Read by Greg Giordano
Edward MacDowell 18:00 Read by Greg Giordano
Claude Achille Debussy 17:06 Read by jenno
Arturo Toscanini 16:19 Read by Greg Giordano
Leopold Stokowsky 13:57 Read by Greg Giordano
Serge Koussevitzky 13:19 Read by Greg Giordano


Exceptional book! Beautifully read!

(5 stars)

This is just the book I've been waiting for on Librivox! For several years I played the Piano and played several music scires of several of these musical greats! So to this day, I love classical music and every one of the composers. I enjoyed this book, especially about J.S. Bach. He is still my favorite because at my first Piano Recital, I played J.S. Bach music. Thank you Librivox and thank you to the readers for such a special book!