Emily Climbs

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Emily Byrd Starr longs to attend Queen's Academy to earn her teaching license, but her tradition-bound relatives at New Moon refuse. She is instead offered the chance to go to Shrewsbury High School with her friends, on two conditions. The first is that she board with her disliked Aunt Ruth, but it is the second that causes Emily difficulties. Emily must not write a word during her high-school education.

From the author of Anne of Green Gables, Emily Climbs carries forward the story of the lovable little heroine whom a multitude of readers met in Emily of New Moon. This story covers Emily's happy years from 14 to 17. (Adapted from Wikipedia and a 1925 advertisement) (11 hr 16 min)


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(5 stars)

Emily is to admire as the reader follows her genuine spirit through the trials of striving to be her own woman while growing up in this house shared with her. The reader does an exceptional job with each book, story she offers the listener.