Jo's Boys

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Jo's Boys is the third book in the Little Women trilogy by Louisa May Alcott, published in 1886. In it, Jo's "children", now grown, are caught up in real world troubles. All three books - although fiction - are highly autobiographical and describe characters that were really in Alcott's life. This book contains romance as the childhood playmates become flirtatious young men and women. The characters are growing up, going out into the world and deciding their futures.(Summary from Wilkipedia) (9 hr 36 min)


Ten Years Later 26:27 Read by Megan Kunkel
Parnassus 32:15 Read by Martina
Jo's Last Scrape 35:38 Read by Martina
Dan 33:35 Read by Martina
Vacation 42:51 Read by Martina
Last Words 32:20 Read by Martina
The Lion and the Lamb 26:47 Read by Melissa
Josie Plays Mermaid 26:05 Read by Melissa
The Worm Turns 23:09 Read by Melissa
Demi Settles 21:56 Read by Susie G.
Emil's Thanksgiving 16:58 Read by Susie G.
Dan's Christmas 22:10 Read by Susie G.
Nat's New Year 21:19 Read by Megan Kunkel
Plays at Plumfield 36:19 Read by Susie G.
Waiting 13:53 Read by Erin Hastings
In the Tennis-Court 25:55 Read by Tracy Yonemoto
Among the Maids 24:53 Read by Julie VW
Class Day 22:24 Read by Martina
White Roses 23:41 Read by Stephanie Land
Life for Life 25:19 Read by Megan Kunkel
Aslauga's Knight 24:38 Read by Martina
Positively Last Appearance 17:54 Read by Martina


Love it

(5 stars)

Watch out. Rude people here leave spoilers below. I'm so happy with the stories and if you loved Little Women you will love continuing on with the other books in the series. All the volunteers did great. I wish suzie G. Would fix whatever is beeping constantly in the background of all her recordings. It's maddening and those chapters tho read well, are annoying and better read yourself.


(5 stars)

A very good end to a very good series. Loved it from start to end. Thank you to all the readers!

Awesome! I hate it when the last page is read. I want more!

(5 stars)

Worth listning to

(3 stars)

I always find multiple readers a little hard to listen to, but these did a fairly good job. The story in it self was okay, a bit too moralizing for my taste but quite nicely written.

What a great story!!

(5 stars)

Great readers! There was one that had a beeping sound in the background and was distracting but she read well just had to pay closer attention.

(5 stars)

It was so devastating that Dan was in love with Bess and couldn't be with her. His life was already so awful!


(5 stars)

I have loved the rest of the trilogy this one is definitely may favourite

(5 stars)

I have followed the March family since Alcott's first story Little Women, and it has been on of the most rewarding experiences I have had in reading any sort of literature. I can't express how sad I was to read Alcott's last lines where she said "and now having endeavored to shit every one by many weddings, few deaths, and as much prosperity as the eternal fitness of things will permit, let the music stop, the lights die out, and the curtain fall forever on the March family". I literally sobbed and sob Ed, I can't express how close I have grown to this family, thinking them my own, and having Plumfeild be a safe little haven I can come to when I was weary or in any sort of trouble. Mrs Jo was my mother just as much as she was the characters in the story, and now her tender and kind words won't be there to guide me when I am in so desperate need of them. So I will leave my review with this, if you ever happen to see Any story about the March family at a bookstore or library, pick it up and be welcomed into the