Samuel R Delany The Star Pit

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Samuel R Delany The Star Pit The Star Pit is at the edge of the galaxy, as far as normal people can go. And Delany gives us this story about a regular guy who works there fixing spaceships and missing his family with a whole galaxy to move through but banging his head on the fact he can't get outside it. Samuel R. Delany, Baird Searles, Randa Haynes, Walter Harris, Jerry Matts, Joan Tanner and Phoebe Wray. Produced by Baird Searles Production Assistant Neal Conan Directed by Daniel Landau Music and Sound Effects by Susan Schweers Technical Direction by David Rabkin and Ed Woodward Broadcaster: Mind’s Eye Theater / WBAI FM New York Broadcast: 1967 A tale of loneliness and difference, about grounded workers who service the starships that will travel the galaxy. First published in Worlds of Tomorrow, February 1967. The Star Pit-Samuel R.Delany (1966). This novella was nominated for a Hugo in 1968. The result was a tie between “Riders Of The Purple ... ABOUT THE AUTHOR After his seventh novel, Empire Star (1966), Samuel R. Delany began publishing short fiction professionally with “The Star Pit.” It appeared in Worlds of Tomorrow and was turned into a popular two-hour radio play, broadcast annually over WBAI-FM for more than a decade. . . .

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