The Red Record: Tabulated Statistics and Alleged Causes of Lynching in the Unit…

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The purpose of the pages which follow shall be to give the record which has been made, not by colored men, but that which is the result of compilations made by white men, of reports sent over the civilized world by white men in the South. Out of their own mouths shall the murderers be condemned. For a number of years the Chicago Tribune, admittedly one of the leading journals of America, has made a specialty of the compilation of statistics touching upon lynching. The data compiled by that journal and published to the world January 1, 1894, up to the present time has not been disputed. In order to be safe from the charge of exaggeration, the incidents hereinafter reported have been confined to those vouched for by the Tribune. (From Chapter 1) (3 hr 40 min)


The Case Stated 23:40 Read by Tindra
Lynch-Law Statistics 17:00 Read by Tindra
Lynching Imbeciles 26:48 Read by Tindra
Lynching of Innocent Men 19:29 Read by Tindra
Lynched for Anything or Nothing 30:12 Read by Tindra
History of Some Cases of Rape 30:14 Read by Tindra
The Crusade Justified 19:45 Read by Tindra
Miss Willard's Attitude 26:51 Read by Tindra
Lynching Record for 1894 14:41 Read by Tindra
The Remedy 11:45 Read by Tindra