The Chief Evils of the Times

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The evils of the times are many. and it is the ever recurring duty of the Church to combat them relentlessly. Especially during Lent the attack is particularly vigorous and deliberate. The Rev H. Nagelschmitt, in a course of Lenten sermons, outlines a very effective campaign against these stubborn evils. It will prove of great service, as it deals with such omnipresent corruptive influences as frivolity, contempt for authority, love of pleasure, human respect, and other well known human frailties. (Summary from The Ecclesiastical Review, 1917) (3 hr 5 min)


Recklessness and Frivolity 21:58 Read by WPennock
Unbelief 33:23 Read by Marie Christian
Disobedience 23:31 Read by Mozartjr
Selfishness and the Love of Money 33:51 Read by Kevin Waters
Ambition 24:56 Read by WPennock
The Love of Pleasure and Luxury 24:29 Read by WPennock
Human Respect 23:49 Read by Mozartjr