Bob And Ray Tape 28 Track 2

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The tape in box 28 has no information other than the handwritten 1949 July - Aug If you have any information about this file please post it in the Bob and Ray For The Truly Desperate Forum.

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1 1:38:02


Sturdley Stuff from the Abe and Phil Show

(3 stars)

This tape appears to be several episodes c. 1949 with some fragments at the end. Bob and Ray tapes here open with Mary Magoon. Ken and Bill duet on an instrumental of the South Pacific song *wash that man right out of my hair*. Bob and Ray fight the common cold. a fragment of West OF Denver is presented. Webster Webley has trouble with the Canton Mass. Civic Assoc. comedy bit with a British Bandleader and goofing on charles boyer/peter lorre impressions. an ad for the Parklane Restaurant. at 19 minutes=*Any other radio program called Bob and Ray is not this one* as they sign off. Episode 2 19:34 Matinee with Bob and Ray 1:30 WHDH Boston Contest-who is the mystery artist performing the song *cover me up with the sunshine of virginia* Chordettes-Chesterfield ad Bill Green and Ken Wilson instrumental ad for New England Retail Company Swindell and Swindell Real estate rents an apartment occupied by the count of monte cristo. ad for picked sweet frozen vegetables funny letter re: mystery contest artist song=cover me up with the sunshine ... etc replayed Ipana toothpaste ad. Ken and Bill play Kokomo Indiana plug for the movie Red Danube (1949) 47:00-ad for Lydia Pinkum's Compound for women's nervousness ! 48-*Matinee with Abe and Phil* banter of Bill Green being in trouble, Ray tries to read a romantic poem, more banter. Ken and Bill play You Were Meant For ME. Chordettes Chesterfield ad interviewing audience members-man who forged ahead, Mary Magoon. ad for Parklane Restaurant includes some ad libbing from Ray about items like *lambs tongue* and *calves foot jelly on a bagel.* episode of Life and Loves of Linda Lovely ad for New Haven Rail Road Ken and Bill do Lullaby of Broadway banter about and satire of early morning radio shows (sign on shows). ad for Wonderland and greyhound racing sign off 1:17-cold open to Home Fair Theater interview with audience member claiming to be art linkletter, House Party reference made. *first episode* of Lawrence Steffenburger, Interstellar Officer Candidate, ladies from the audience play a game (like a radio game show) 1:28-Wally Ballou with Professor Grogan who's built a rocket ship to go to the moon Aunt Penny's True Life Stories-(fragment?) Matt Knepper: Boy Spot Welder If you see any reviews titled *Sturdley Stuff from the Abe and Phil Show*, then it isn't this particular review.

B & R Rules

(3 stars)

1. Do NOT put your own voice on the air check -e.g., as intro. We can read and you are not Artie Schirmerhorn 2. Do a little minor EQ before you trudge out a poor sound quality air check. This one has a 60 Hz hum -take it out! Lift at 2kHz -6 kHz a tad. You don'y need RCA Studio B in NYC to do this.