X Minus One

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X Minus One was a half-hour science fiction anthology series that ran on NBC from April 24, 1955 to January 9, 1958. The program was a revival of NBC's prior science fiction series, Dimension X , which ran from 1950 to 1951. The first 15 episodes of X Minus One were new productions of Dimension X episodes, which were followed by new adaptations by NBC staff writers Ernest Kinoy and George Lefferts. Most of the stories were from recent issues of Galaxy Magazine from the best known science fiction authors, supplemented by some original scripts by Kinoy and Lefferts. Science fiction often reflects the times in which it is written. The 1950s were the peak of the Cold War and and were early years of the atomic age. There were deep concerns about the possible use of nuclear technology for warfare that had the potential to annihilate life on Earth. While many of the stories were concerned about such serious matters in allegorical ways which science fiction does well, there were other science fiction stories that were amusing and humorous. X Minus One presented a broad range of stories and perspectives that made for compelling listening. * * * These recordings are part of the Joe Hehn Memorial Collection. Mr. Hehn (1931-2020) was a pioneering collector of radio recordings when the hobby emerged in the 1960s. Digitizing his collection of reel tapes and discs is the effort of a wide range of North American volunteers, and includes assistance of some international collectors. The groups supporting this effort with their funds, time, technology and skills are the Old Time Radio Researchers and a small group of transcription disc preservationists who refer to themselves as the "The Knights of the Turning Table."

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.