Suspense 2: the Roma Wines years, December 1943 to November 1947

Suspense was a long-running dramatic anthology on CBS from Summer of 1942 to what many consider final day of radio's golden age on September 30, 1962. It was one of radio's most successful series, with exceptional writing and high production standards. The series started slow, but the May 1943 broadcast of the play Sorry, Wrong Number brought the show great attention. In December 1943, Suspense finally had a national sponsor, Roma Wines. Their sponsorship ended in November 1947. The series continued without a sponsor for a few months, and experimented with an hour-long format. In July 1948, a new sponsor, Auto-Lite, returned the program to its half-hour format and produced much of its finest work. In June 1954, the sponsorship ended, and Suspense continued without a national sponsor until it went off the air. Hollywood's biggest movie and music stars appeared on the series from about 1943 to 1954, often playing against type, such as comedians playing dramatic roles. The program starred singers, musicians, and others in the Hollywood scene, and they were all held to a high standard of dramatic performance supported by some of radio's most esteemed actors, directors, and production personnel. The Roma Wines sponsorship allowed the Suspense performances to have a higher budget for music, effects, acting talent, and all other aspects of production. It also made it possible to have separate east and west broadcasts so the time zones could have the performances in prime time listening hours. The only time Suspense had separate east and west performances was during the Roma sponsorship, except for two Saturday dates in August 1943, more than three months before Roma began. For the first 10 months of the Roma sponsorship, CBS did not have an open time in its national schedule for the series. The East and Central time zones had their broadcast on Thursday. The entire cast and crew were brought back into the studio on Monday for a broadcast to the Mountain and Pacific time zones. Under the Roma sponsorship, the series became a top-rated program. Roma attempted to end the sponsorship early in 1947 because they believed that they were not getting the sales increase they wanted for the money they were spending on the series. They tried to cancel, but Suspense won a Peabody Award in April 1947 for its 1946 broadcast of Dead Ernest . CBS twisted Roma's arm into two 13-week renewals, but it all came to an end in November, 1947. IMPORTANT NOTE: These recordings are part of the Joe Hehn Memorial Collection. Mr. Hehn (1931-2020) was a pioneering collector of radio recordings when the hobby emerged in the 1960s. Since the time of Mr. Hehn's collecting in the 1960s and 1970s, many Suspense recordings have been upgraded and are now in better sound. The recordings held in this collection at the Internet Archive are only those considered to be superior to the ones for that date and geography in common circulation among collectors at the time of this posting. A small number of the recordings have not been in general circulation in their particular format, and some of the recordings are more complete than others in common circulation . This is not intended to be a complete compilation of the Suspense series, but to be only the best sounding Suspense recordings of the Hehn collection . The Suspense recordings are in different categories: Suspense 1: the series early years, June 1942 to November 1943 Suspense 2: the Roma Wines years, December 1943 to November 1947 Suspense 3: the "after Roma" years, December 1947 to July 1950, including the first year of Auto-Lite's sponsorship Suspense 4: the Elliott Lewis years, August 1950 to July 1954 Suspense 5: the final years, July 1954 to September 1962 Important abbreviations and notations: Monday or Thursday = from December 1943 to mid-September 1944, Suspense was on a twice weekly schedule with a Thursday broadcast for the east (Eastern and Central time zones) and a re-performance on Monday for the west (Mountain and Pacific time zones). EC = east coast broadcast WC = west coast broadcast LQ = low quality sound, but still better than what is currently in circulation VLQ = very low quality sound, but still better than what is currently in circulation (direct to ID) = there is no gap between the last announcement to the CBS network ID; used to differentiate recordings that at this time cannot be specifically identified as an east or west broadcast; this has become a reliable identifier of different broadcasts on the same day where there are no identifiable differences in the performances; there may be better sounding recordings with a different time to ID in circulation (X seconds to ID) = number of seconds before the network ID; the same explanation applies AIRCHECK = recorded off the air by a service or a home recorder rather than an in-studio recording; airchecks may also be identified by the call letters of the radio station in the file name COMPLETE = previously circulating recordings had a clipped opening or a clipped closing AFRS = recording from an Armed Forces Radio Service transcription Digitizing Mr. Hehn's collection of reel tapes and discs is the effort of a wide range of North American volunteers, and includes assistance of some international collectors. The groups supporting this effort with their funds, time, technology and skills are the Old Time Radio Researchers and a small group of transcription disc preservationists who refer to themselves as the "The Knights of the Turning Table." There is a superb log and history of the Suspense series here at the Internet Archive. click here

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


Suspense 440127 Locked Room EC Thursday 29:38
Suspense 440203 The Sisters EC Thurs LQ 29:43
Suspense 440420 The Palmer Method EC Thursday 29:30
Suspense 440522 Donovan's Brain Pt 1 WC Monday AIRCHECK 29:51
Suspense 440525 Donovan's Brain Pt2 EC Thursday AIRCHECK 29:52
Suspense 440601 Fugue in C Minor EC Thursday 29:30
Suspense 440706 Search for Henri Lefevre AFRS 29:32
Suspense 440713 Beast Must Die EC Thursday 29:30
Suspense 440724 Of Maestro and Men WC Monday 29:25
Suspense 440817 Diary of Sophronia Winters COMPLETE OPEN - VLQ EC 29:31
Suspense 441221 Brighton Strangler EC 29:40
Suspense 450125 Drury's Bones (direct to ID) 29:29
Suspense 450329 Taming of the Beast (5 sec to ID) WC AIRCHECK 29:36
Suspense 450405 A Guy Gets Lonely (38 sec to ID) 29:53
Suspense 450524 My Own Murderer (10s to ID) 29:29
Suspense 450531 August Heat (no 7th War Loan Drive appeal, direct to ID) 29:29
Suspense 450621 Story of Ivy (direct to ID) 29:42
Suspense 450712 Footfalls (direct to ID) 29:30
Suspense 450719 Bank Holiday (16sec to ID) 29:31
Suspense 450802 A Man in the House (19 sec to ID) 29:49
Suspense 450816 Short Order COMPLETE (12s to ID) 29:52
Suspense 460103 Angel of Death KQW 29:40
Suspense 460404 Post Mortem (7sec to ID no AFRS promo) 29:40
Suspense 460502 Crime Without Passion (2sec to ID) 29:38
Suspense 460530 Leading Citizen of Pratt County (12s to ID) 29:30
Suspense 460620 Your Devoted Wife (20s to ID) 29:29
Suspense 460829 Blue Eyes (10 sec to ID) 29:31
Suspense 470109 Will to Power WC 29:42
Suspense 470424 Win Place & Murder EC 29:46
Suspense 470501 Lady in Distress WC 29:29
Suspense 470522 Knight Comes Riding EC 29:29