The War Trail

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(4.5 stars; 5 reviews)

"Land of the nopal and maguey—home of Moctezuma and Malinché!—I cannot wring thy memories from my heart! Years may roll on, hand wax weak, and heart grow old, but never till both are cold can I forget thee! I would not; for thee would I remember. Not for all the world would I bathe my soul in the waters of Lethe. Blessed be memory for thy sake!" So begins this tale of the American Southwest, when our narrator, Captain Warfield of a Ranger detachment, shoots the horse of Isolina de Vargas. Our captain is smitten with Señorita de Vargas at first sight, and he finds that she is as illusive as she is beautiful. (18 hr 25 min)


Souvenirs 8:44 Read by John
A Mexican Frontier Village 10:10 Read by Gini Rosario
The Rangers on Picket 14:46 Read by Gini Rosario
Making a Captive 11:57 Read by Gini Rosario
My Captive 8:44 Read by Gini Rosario
Isolina de Vargas 17:32 Read by Gini Rosario
An Order to Forage 16:14 Read by Gini Rosario
Don Ramon 10:49 Read by Reeses118
"Un Papelcito" 14:02 Read by Reeses118
An Old Emnity 14:04 Read by Reeses118
Rafael Ijurra 18:46 Read by Reeses118
The Yellow Domino 12:20 Read by John
The Blue Domino 17:36 Read by Gini Rosario
Love-Thoughts 9:29 Read by Gini Rosario
An Odd Epistle 11:34 Read by John
The Manada 14:04 Read by Gini Rosario
The Hunt of the Wild Horse 6:23 Read by Ebele
The Phantom-Horse 13:46 Read by John
A Prairie Dream 9:53 Read by John
Lost Upon the Prairie 10:00 Read by John
A Prairie Repast 11:00 Read by sanjayparikh
Chased by a "Grizzly" 15:09 Read by sanjayparikh
The Toughest Struggle of my Life 9:50 Read by sanjayparikh
Old Comrades 13:19 Read by sanjayparikh
A Queer Conversation 14:23 Read by John
Vows of Vengeance 12:17 Read by Gini Rosario
A "Weed" -Prairie Fire 16:26 Read by Gini Rosario
Rube Roasted Alive 15:21 Read by Gini Rosario
The Mesa 13:46 Read by John
Guerrilleros 12:40 Read by John
The Parley 9:30 Read by John
A Dead Shot 10:39 Read by John
A Running-Shot 16:36 Read by John
Rube's Charger 11:17 Read by John
El Zorro 9:14 Read by John
A Plan of Escape 11:18 Read by John
Elijah Quackenboss 10:21 Read by John
Rube's Plan 11:13 Read by John
Scaling the Cliff 17:01 Read by John
A Reinforcement 9:22 Read by John
The Indian Spy 8:32 Read by Nichole Kristen
The Caballada 9:54 Read by DNorena
A Chapters of Explanations 14:30 Read by DNorena
Dutch Lige in a Difficulty 10:09 Read by DNorena
A Lover on the Trail 17:14 Read by DNorena
A Declaration on Horseback 13:10 Read by DNorena
Strayed from the Track 16:01 Read by DNorena
An Adios 9:44 Read by DNorena
Threats 11:53 Read by DNorena
Awkward Odds 14:36 Read by DNorena
An Official Black List 7:57 Read by DNorena
The Route 13:37 Read by DNorena
Camp Gossip 12:14 Read by DNorena
The Ruined Rancho 9:38 Read by DNorena
A Cruel Proscription 8:56 Read by DNorena
The Bivouac of the Guerrilla 10:47 Read by DNorena
Taking the Trail 9:46 Read by DNorena
The Voyageur 6:55 Read by DNorena
Trailing by Torch-Light 8:29 Read by DNorena
The Sombrero 7:06 Read by DNorena
The Trail Recovered 8:19 Read by DNorena
Wolves on the Track 7:28 Read by DNorena
Across the Torrent 9:57 Read by John
The Lilliputian Forest 9:18 Read by Bruce McCready
Scattering the Wild Stallions 9:20 Read by Bruce McCready
Lost in a Chapparal 7:14 Read by TheIntern356
Encounter with Javall 10:55 Read by TheIntern356
The Woods on Fire? 9:35 Read by TheIntern356
Smoke and Thirst 8:26 Read by TheIntern356
A Burnt Prairie 8:25 Read by TheIntern356
The Talk of the Trackers 12:18 Read by sanjayparikh
"Injun Sign" 7:33 Read by sanjayparikh
Translating the "Sign" 9:10 Read by sanjayparikh
The Steed Lazoed 8:44 Read by sanjayparikh
The "Indios Bravos" 11:30 Read by sanjayparikh
On the War-Trail 10:58 Read by John
The Writing on the Maguey 8:46 Read by John
The Southern Savage 9:14 Read by John
The Subterranean Fire 12:45 Read by John
A Red Epistle 11:40 Read by John
More Writing in Red 9:47 Read by John
An "Injun on the Back-Track" 9:35 Read by John
My Plan 7:24 Read by Silvia Wolf
"Painting Injun" 12:07 Read by Silvia Wolf
The Last Hours on the Trail 8:30 Read by Nichole James
The Comanche Camp 7:41 Read by Nichole James
No Cover 9:56 Read by Nichole James
Rube Consulting His Oracle 8:16 Read by Gini Rosario
The Trapper's Counsel 9:05 Read by Gini Rosario
Taking to the Water 9:15 Read by John
Up-Stream 10:19 Read by TR Love
Coup-d'oeil of the Camp 7:34 Read by TR Love
A Friendly Encounter 10:09 Read by TR Love
The Council 7:16 Read by TR Love
Measuring the Chances 9:22 Read by John
The White-Haired Chief 9:09 Read by John
Speeches in Council 10:58 Read by John
A Rough Courtship 9:48 Read by John
The Crisis 10:22 Read by John
The Last Chase 14:42 Read by John


Drawn at times, but interesting. Good book

(4 stars)

The author draws some scenes too much, but in general I found the book to be a good and interesting. The earless trapper was read in a voice that made him very hard to comprehend - no doubt that was the intent, but I would have preferred more modern speech.