American History Stories, Volume 1

Read by Kalynda

(4.6 stars; 58 reviews)

A children's book detailing early American history from the Norsemen to the Revolution, meant for educational use. (2 hr 57 min)


Long Ago 2:52 Read by Kalynda
Early Discoveries 7:12 Read by Kalynda
Christopher Columbus 14:07 Read by Kalynda
The Voyage 5:22 Read by Kalynda
Other Great Explorers 8:58 Read by Kalynda
English Explorers 4:41 Read by Kalynda
Sir Francis Drake 6:25 Read by Kalynda
Sir Walter Raleigh 7:15 Read by Kalynda
The Colonies 7:52 Read by Kalynda
Plymouth Colony 11:08 Read by Kalynda
The Puritans 1:38 Read by Kalynda
The Dutch in America 9:52 Read by Kalynda
Other Colonies 6:42 Read by Kalynda
Customs in the Colonies 11:30 Read by Kalynda
The New England Primer 2:01 Read by Kalynda
Manner of Dress 9:07 Read by Kalynda
Pine-Tree Shillings 3:40 Read by Kalynda
Education in the Colonies 2:45 Read by Kalynda
Salem Witchcraft 6:27 Read by Kalynda
Religious Troubles 10:06 Read by Kalynda
William Penn 5:14 Read by Kalynda
Indian Troubles 9:05 Read by Kalynda
King Philip’s War 3:39 Read by Kalynda
French and Indian War 2:54 Read by Kalynda
George Washington in the French and Indian War 14:11 Read by Kalynda
How the Colonies Grew United 3:12 Read by Kalynda


(3 stars)

The stories are good, but the reading is irritating.

(4 stars)

Excellent reader. She really knows how to use natural inflection so that one can simply listen and understand comfortably instead of having to strain to pay attention because of a reader who does not know how to communicate with their voice. Everyone has preferences as far as what voices sound appealing to them. Personally I found her voice extremely pleasant. But either way the artistry of the reading was top notch.

(3 stars)

The reading was pleasant. Timeline of events was good. Certain accounts of different people groups had heavily opinionated snarky remarks while other malicious groups were gently tip-toed around, painting them innocent while lightly muttering their evil deeds. It made the retelling sound biased towards certain groups of people and became exhaustive to listen to.

I enjoyed this history for children

(5 stars)

These vignettes are good for children, not delving too deeply in every facet of histirical thought-an adult would want more. I will explain further what I think is pertinent. This is an excellent place to start with kids.

(2 stars)

Great reader on her other books; this one has a terrible technical problem. The cheap microphone is clipping the levels throughout- needs a re-do.

(4 stars)

Good at the beginning but laterr chapters, slow down!

interesting book, annoying reading

(3 stars)

Listening to Hamilton Musical prompted me to know more about the American history. So much to know about the history of mankind.