The Glimpses of the Moon

Read by Elizabeth Klett

(4.6 stars; 331 reviews)

"The Glimpses of the Moon" (1922) is about Nick and Susy Lansing, both of whom live a decadent life in Europe by sponging off wealthy friends. They marry out of convenience and have an "open" relationship, but are unprepared for where their feelings will take them. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett) (7 hr 47 min)


01 - Part I Chapter 1 17:16 Read by Elizabeth Klett
02 - Part I Chapter 2 14:10 Read by Elizabeth Klett
03 - Part I Chapter 3 11:07 Read by Elizabeth Klett
04 - Part I Chapter 4 14:59 Read by Elizabeth Klett
05 - Part I Chapter 5 13:30 Read by Elizabeth Klett
06 - Part I Chapter 6 12:42 Read by Elizabeth Klett
07 - Part I Chapter 7 17:02 Read by Elizabeth Klett
08 - Part I Chapter 8 13:21 Read by Elizabeth Klett
09 - Part I Chapter 9 18:10 Read by Elizabeth Klett
10 - Part I Chapter 10 16:08 Read by Elizabeth Klett
11 - Part I Chapter 11 14:05 Read by Elizabeth Klett
12 - Part I Chapter 12 20:16 Read by Elizabeth Klett
13 - Part II Chapter 13 18:50 Read by Elizabeth Klett
14 - Part II Chapter 14 13:35 Read by Elizabeth Klett
15 - Part II Chapter 15 18:22 Read by Elizabeth Klett
16 - Part II Chapter 16 15:26 Read by Elizabeth Klett
17 - Part II Chapter 17 17:54 Read by Elizabeth Klett
18 - Part II Chapter 18 14:31 Read by Elizabeth Klett
19 - Part II Chapter 19 19:06 Read by Elizabeth Klett
20 - Part II Chapter 20 19:02 Read by Elizabeth Klett
21 - Part II Chapter 21 15:32 Read by Elizabeth Klett
22 - Part II Chapter 22 15:24 Read by Elizabeth Klett
23 - Part II Chapter 23 16:06 Read by Elizabeth Klett
24 - Part II Chapter 24 13:27 Read by Elizabeth Klett
25 - Part III Chapter 25 20:32 Read by Elizabeth Klett
26 - Part III Chapter 26 15:58 Read by Elizabeth Klett
27 - Part III Chapter 27 9:33 Read by Elizabeth Klett
28 - Part III Chapter 28 12:37 Read by Elizabeth Klett
29 - Part III Chapter 29 19:04 Read by Elizabeth Klett
30 - Part III Chapter 30 10:10 Read by Elizabeth Klett



(5 stars)

this book sucked me in completely... I found myself wanting to stop listening because I was so into the story that I was angry at the characters. lol... That doesn't happen every day. :-) as always wonderfully read by miss klett who is still my all time favorite reader! thank you librovox for making my days of all day driving at work fly by so pleasantly....

Great read!

(5 stars)

I really enjoyed this story, specially how susie grows and finds her place in life.

Not Wharton's best, but a very good story

(4 stars)

I found this story a little less than satisfying. Elizabeth Klett is as wonderful as always and brings the characters to life, but in the end I still don't feel I know them very well, especially Nick. It would have helped if I had known more of their history, how Nick lived before he met Susy, and how Susy seemed to have lived this way all her life. Who and where were their families? The sudden choices they both make at various points didn't seem realistic to me, and the ending was far too quick and easy after Nick's heartless behavior. I was rooting for Lord A. He was good-hearted and unfailingly kind to Susy, and the two of them might together have learned a better way of living. But life among the 1920's version of the Jet Set is masterfully depicted, and the story is worth listening to for that alone.

Nice Story

(5 stars)

Another beautifully read story by Elizabeth. I’m not a big romance book person, but this one has a nice flow to it, and enough story to keep it interesting. There’s a little more focus on society talk than I care for, but It’s important to the story in this case in order to show the evolution of its two main characters in their feelings and viewpoints. I recommend it!


(5 stars)

This was my first Edith Wharton book, and I will definitely try to obtain others. Elizabeth Klett — my favorite Jane Austen reader — gives a gracefully delicate lilt to this tale of love lost and found. Moving without being mushy, thought provoking with spouting platitudes, romance without cliche…I would highly recommend to anyone considering this book!

T Batti

(5 stars)

An outstandingly constructed love story that deeply examines wealth and morals against riches and vile nature that LOVES RICHES. Our two min characters are deliciously developed as the listener waits on edge as E. Kleet's mesmerizing narration unveils tidbits of different parts of this excellent book!


(4 stars)

I am exploring a variety of Edith Wharton books. While traditional happy ending aren't really her style, this book might be as close as we can get to one. Though the ending still left a little to be desired.

Finally à happy Edith Wharton

(5 stars)

I adore Edith Wharton, and am always impressed at her portrayal of people in impossible situations. Glad to finally have a happy ending to one of her brilliant books. Elizabeth Klett excellent as usual.