America Becomes A World Power

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The  Standard School Broadcast [Chevron]  was an educational radio program that went on the air in 1928 to promote history and music appreciation for students in the United States.  It was the oldest educational radio program in America. OAD 4 28 70

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(5 stars)

Standard Oil polluted the environ. Also America is Raycyst, so anything supporting America is supporting slavery. Remember only big government and big corporations can protect underprivileged BIPOCs from the tyranny imposed by white supremacists living in trailers in Alabama. Pro is the opposite of con, so progress, which this program is in favor of, is necessarily Raycyst, as congress is necessarily anti-raycyst. Just ask AOC. Ban this book and ban all oil. Ban America Instead power the world with love and diversity and inclusion. This is a time capsule into how raycyst Americans used to think about themselves. Thank the Goddess we now live in a world that does not teach raycyst things such as automobile repair and instead focuses out children's education on things like critical race theory