Dr McGregor - Case Of The Curious Bones

Dr McGregor and The Case Of The Curious Bones By Betty Lambert The story of two old women and the death of a man who both claimed   he had loved. Was he murdered? Of course he was, but by who and how.   Directed by Gerald Newman CBC Radio From Vancouver National AM   30 minutes OTX Summer Stage 6 March 1962 RTX 27   Theatre 10.30 November 1968     Betty Lambert was a renowned Canadian playwright  and English professor   at Simon Fraser University in  Vancouver, British Columbia. Her most famous   works were the children’s play The Riddle Machine,  the radio play Grasshopper Hill, the comedy  Sqrieux-de-Dieu, and the dramas Under the Skin and  Jennie’s Story, which was adapted into the film Heart  of the Sun in 1999.     Betty Lambert passed away in 1983.   [Playwrights Canada]

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.