The Old Church Clock

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A fictional "history" of Robert Walker, a dedicated clergyman in the English Lake District, this work, which started as a short magazine 'tale', examines how the lower echelons of the church produces dedicated, religious men, while those who head the church are self-serving and power hungry. (4 hr 56 min)


Introduction; From Mr. Wordsworth’s notes to his series of sonnets on the river… 1:15:24 Read by Ronald G Baars
I 8:01 Read by Bethany Megill
II 5:30 Read by Bethany Megill
III 5:19 Read by Bethany Megill
IV 9:18 Read by Gridonyx
V 9:05 Read by Gridonyx
VI 17:14 Read by Kim Lamb
VII 19:08 Read by Pastor Torch
VIII 13:49 Read by Pastor Torch
IX 21:30 Read by Ronald G Baars
X 15:19 Read by Tatiana Chichilla
XI 18:56 Read by Michael Poling
XII 21:04 Read by Pastor Torch
XIII 25:02 Read by Pastor Torch
XIV 18:14 Read by John
XV 13:22 Read by John