A Mad World, My Masters

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A BBC Radio adaptation of Thomas Middleton's 17th century Jacobean City comedy, first performed in 1605 and first published in 1608. Young Follywit, although the heir to the fortune of his rich grandfather Sir Bounteous Progress,  is kept in a penniless state by the old man. However, he has a plan to get his hands on as much of Sir Bounteous' fortune as he can while he's still young enough to enjoy it (and without waiting for the old man to die) by disguising himself as a great lord and imposing upon his grandfather's hospitality. At the same time, Master Penitent Brothel, a country gentleman, is enamored of the wife of Master Harebrain, a very jealous husband, and in order to get access to her enlists the services of "The Courtesan" (whose mother happens to be Sir Bounteous' mistress). With the help of cohorts, wit and disguises, everything seems to be going the way of the plotters. But (naturally!) things never turn out the way they're supposed to ... and will the biters end up being bit in the end? Follywit ... Roy Marsden Sir Bounteous Progress ... James Villiers Master Penitent Brothel ... Ian McDiarmid Francesca, "The Courtesan" ... Theresa Streatfield Francesca's Mother ... Brenda Bruce Hoboy ... Steve Hodson Mawworm ... Simon Hewitt Master Shortod Harebrain ... Stephen Thorne Mistress Harebrain ... Miranda Forbes Master Posset ... James Kerry Master Innesse ... Jim Reid Sir Colewort/Jasper ... Hugh Dickson Gunwater/Rafe ... Ronald Baddiley Constable/Watchman ... Chas Bryer Footman ... David Gooderson Directed by Penny Gold Originally broadcast on BBC Radio 3 21 July 1983

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


A Mad World, My Masters 1:34:45